OSUMC Email Login - Portal Guidance

OSUMC Email Login

OSUMC is the official email portal of "Ohio State University Medical Center " designed for the students and employees to manage their day-to-day tasks with ease.
OSUMC Email Login Support: For any assistance related to the OSUMC Email login contact at 614-293-3861.
Email Service Support: Drop an email to avail any email or tech-related assistance at ServiceDesk@osu.edu

How to Login with OSUMC - Ohio State University Medical Center

The OSUMC portal is online platform to access all medical records, to find doctors, locations for appointments and much more. To login with the OSUMC follow the steps given below.
1. Click to OSUMC Login
2. On the login section enter the OSUWMC User name and password in the respective fields.
3. Click on "Log on" button red at the bottom to access the details.

OSUMC Med Center Email OneSource Login

OSUMC OneSorce Email Login Help: To request email login help contact at 614-293-3861
OSUMC OneSource (HealthBeat HUB) is the portal designed for employees only. The OSUMC OneSource or HealthBeat HUB can be accessed as mentioned below.
1. Visit to HUB.osumc.edu
2. The page will get redirected to the https://login.microsoftonline.com/
3. Staff/employees need to enter the "login ID and password" such as "userid@osumc.edu".
4. Click on the "Next Button" and follow the instruction to complete "Sign In".

How to Access OSUMC OneSorce After Login?

1.Once the user is logged in to the account the "HealthBeat HUB page" will display the different options such as My tools, IHIS, Resources, etc.
2. Click on "My Tools" as the option contains all links to access in the "OneSource".
3. Click on the relevant link to gain access.

How To Login OSUMC Email Portal On Iphone?

Call to Medical Center Help Desk at 293-HELP (4357 to avail assistance related to the OSUMC login on Iphone.

OSUWMC MedCenter ID and Password

The user is provided MedCenter ID and Password account details to let the OSUWMC portal accessed for numerous tasks including medical center email, medical center computers, medical center applications, etc. Please note that it is different than that of "OSU Internet Username". However, passwords for both accounts are synched. The Medcenter username will be in the form (the first three or four letters of the last name followed by the letters).

Where from I Receive OSUMC MedCenter ID and Password?

Contact manager or supervisor to receive "MedCenter ID and Password". For any assistance related to Medcenter ID or login can be asked at 293-HELP (4357

What Is OSU Username and Password?

OSU username & password is the account details provided to the user to access the variety of OSU services and information online associated with benefits enrollment, parking passes (CampusParc), and OSU email, etc. The OSU username will be always in the format of (lastname.period) such as if the name is Tina Thomson the username will be like thomson.1999@osu.edu.

Getting OSU Internet Username and Password

If the user has provided a personal email address during the hiring process then the internet username & password will be sent to that email address. The email will contain details of "OSU ID number and Ohio State Username (lastname.#)". Moreover, the email will also instruct the user to access "my.osu.edu" by requesting the activation code. If the email is not received or there is problem in logging into the account give a call to 688-HELP (4357)

What Is OSU Cowboy Email Login?

CowBoy is one of the email platforms provided to the OSU students to operate and is hosted by "Microsoft Live@edu". With the Cow Boy, the graduate students can maintain their email accounts for life long. The email platform offers a wide range of flexible features like 25 GB of space for online file storage via SkyDrive and Email storage for 50 GB.

How to Login with OSU Cowboy Email?

For any email login issue contact at 405-744-4357
To log in with the OSU Cowboy email platform follow the mentioned steps.
1. Visit the http://cowboymail.okstate.edu/
2. User will be landed on the "Microsoft Outlook" Sign-in Page.
3. Enter "Email, phone, or Skype id" and click on the next button to follow login instructions.

How To Set Up OSU Cascades Email Login - Oregon

The OSU-Cascades Oregon students and employees can set up the email account with the following procedure using UNID (OSU Network Identification)
1. Visit to https://onid.oregonstate.edu/
2. Go to the "Activate your ONID"
3. Click on the "Instructions for ONID Activation" To get step-wise guidelines.
4. Enter the OSU ID number in the box.
5. Choose the date of birth and click to "Continue"
6. Read the terms & conditions properly.
7. Click on "I Accept".
8. Select name, and format, and click "Continue".
9. Type a valid email and phone for activation and for account recovery if required in the future to retrieve account details.
10. Enter the 6-digit code received via email and phone to complete verification.
11. Set up a strong password for the account and the account is created to use.
Once the account is created the students can access the following tools right from their account
1.ONID Email & MyOregonState
2.OSU Canvas & OSU-Cascades Library Services
3.COCC network login/COCC email

Using OSU Alumni Email Login

Contact service desk if there is a problem in using OSU Alumni email login at 614-688-4357 (HELP)
Email Service Desk: Concerns can also send through email at servicedesk@osu.edu

Ways to Use OSU Alumni Email Login

1. By Setting BuckeyePass (Duo) account
To set up account visit https://buckeyepass.osu.edu/.
2. Access the Email or Download Outlook.
Go to https://office365.osu.edu/ to access the emails from desktops and laptops.
For tablets and mobile devices go to the Apple/iOS/ Android stores.
3. Adding Ohio State email account to Outlook.
For laptops and desktops use Windows/PC & Apple/Mac
For tablets and mobile devices add Outlook Mobile (Android and Apple/iOS).
Further details on using OSU Email account can be found at https://www.osu.edu/alumni/news/ohio-state-email-address-transition.html