Online Wage Statements Parallon2

Online Wage Statements Parallon2 serve as an electronic E-Stub platform for HCA employees to access their online wage statements. These statements, prepared annually by the employer, are essential tax documents containing information about total earnings, deductions, pay scales, and more. Employers are legally obligated to provide these statements to all employees at the end of each year, which also detail rewards and benefits.

Online Wage Statements Parallon2 Contact

1-800-489-1711 or 910-615-4182

How to Access Online Wage Statements Parallon2

Steps to Retrieve Online Wage Statements:

  1. Visit the online wage statement login page at
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click "Sign In" to access the online resources
  4. Navigate to "E-stub"
  5. Review the displayed terms and conditions
  6. Choose to accept or decline future electronic W2 statements
  7. Click "Statement History" to view and download your wage statement

Online Wage Statements Parallon2 HCA

HCA employees are required to log in to the Online Wage Statements portal to access their wage statements.

Online Wage Statements Login

  • Visit the HCA Parallon login page at ""
  • Enter the 3-4ID and Network password
  • Click "Login" to access the wage statements
  • Employees without a Login ID can click "E-Stub"
  • Click "Forgot password?" to initiate a password reset

HCA Pay Stub Former Employee

(877) 202-6272

What Items are Included in Wages Statement?

The employee wages statement includes the following items:
  • Net salary and regular hourly wages
  • Overtime wages and double-time wages
  • Holiday pay, vacation pay and commissions
  • Tips, bonuses, and expense reimbursements
  • Pay stubs for nonexempt employees
  • Pretax and After-Tax Deductions
  • Taxable Wages and pay rates
  • Net pay and Paycheck Adjustments
  • Year-to-Date Wages and Deductions
  • Gift cards and certificate income
  • Amount withheld by an employer for social security benefits
  • Amount paid for retirement benefits

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