Optum Provider Portal Access Information

Optum is an American pharmacy benefit manager as well as a health care provider. Optum is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. Optum has 3 businesses, OptumRx, OptumHealth, and OptumInsight. Optum Provider Portal Access Information is a one-stop solution to access the information needed regarding health services securely.

Optum Portal Provider Login

  • Visit www.optum.com/sign-in/optum-care-professionals.html
  • On the page select a login based on location
Through the Optum Portal Provider Login, the user can get access to Health care directly through local medical groups as well as ambulatory care systems, including primary, specialty, urgent, and surgical care to consumers.

Optum Provider Support Phone Number

If have a question or need support, please contact Optum at one of the options below:

Optum Express Access Network

Express Access is a network of health professionals, certified through Optum Behavioral Health. These health professionals agree to offer the initial appointments within 5 business days of a new client’s request. Express Access members include both solo as well as group practices. Optum is offering the Express Access service to clients so that clients can get care when needed most, avoiding mental health crises and appointments.

Optum Provider Portal Registration

For Registration visit secure.optumcare.com/Provider/Account/Register and provide the necessary information needed. To know more call at (877) 370-2850 or
(877) 370-2845

Optum Provider Data Management

Optum Provider Data Management services, utilizes technology, as well as procedures to enable healthcare organizations to effectively collect and manage information about the providers

Optum Provider Portal Claims

(877) 801-3507

Optum Provider Portal Support


HCP Optum Provider Portal

( 800) 877-7587

Optum Provider Benefits

Optum Provider Benefits include transport facilities, health insurance benefits, education assistance, etc

Optum Authorization Website


Optum Provider Portal for VA

The VA CCN consists of community-based providers to ensure that Veterans receive excellent care as well as greater choice over health care

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