Progressive Leasing Phone Number - Help Guide

Progressive Leasing Phone Number

Progressive leasing is the "leading virtual lease-to-own" provider in the United States. Wide selections of lease-to-own options are available to choose from despite the less than perfect credit or inability to pay upfront for their purchases.
  • Customer Service Number: Dial 877-898-1970 to contact customer service to avail assistance.
  • Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM - 7 PM EST, Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM EST

Progressive Lease-to-own Purchase Program Phone Number?

A simple lease-to-own program is designed to make purchasing easier in case one will complete all standard recurring auto-lease payments. The standard agreement provides 12 months to ownership in which one has to pay more of the retailer's cash price for earlier purchases ( Excluding the 3-month option in CA). To buy contact at 877-898-1970

What Products are Available on Lease from Progressive?

Progressive Leasing’s lease-to-own product options include items associated with family, household, or personal use comprising appliances, furniture, jewelry, electronics, mattresses, and much more. Get more details by dialing 877-898-1970 .

What is the Process of Applying Lease-to-own Or Lease-purchase Option?

The process of applying Lease - to - own or lease-purchase option is mentioned below.
  • Application: Complete the application.
  • Approval: In case the application is approved one can go shopping for leasable goods.
    Review: Make revisions and sign the lease-to-own agreement.
  • Payment: Make an initial payment.
    Get items on the same day or set a future delivery date.

What are the Requirements to Apply?

The requirements to apply include
1. Must be 18 or above in age.
2. Should have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN.
3. Must have routing and account numbers of active checking accounts.
4. Should have credit or debit card.

Progressive Leasing Customer Service Hours

A progressive leasing customer service team is available by phone at (877) 898-1970 from Monday to Friday 8 AM - 7 PM EST, Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM EST, and Sunday closed. However, the customer service portal can be accessed online 24/ 7 and 7 days a week.

Progressive Leasing Phone Number Lowes

Customer Service Number: Dial 1-877-898-1970 to get assistance related to the "Standard agreement offers 12 months to ownership" or to purchase.

How to Apply for Progressive Leasing for Lowes?

  • Apply Online/Text: The lease can be applied for online at Apply Now or text to the 57597 to get instant support.
  • Visit Lowes Store: To get progressive leasing one can visit any nearby a "Participating Lowe's Store" to get the products required. Please note that Lowes stores in "MN, NJ, VT, WI, and WY" do not provide a progressive leasing facility.

What Items are for Leasing

The items available for leasing are mentioned below.
1. Home Appliances.
2. Seasonal & outdoor furniture.
3. Power tools & Home decor.
4. Lighting products.

Items Not Available for Leasing

1. The items which are perishable in nature or consumable products like food, fuel, fertilizers, and much more.
2. Products that are permanently installed such as carpet, drywall, AC/ Water heaters, and more.
3. Any service-related item including delivery, installation, etc.

Progressive Leasing Phone Number Spanish

  • Customer Service Number: For assistance inn esponol or Spanish language call to (877) 898-1970
  • Service Hours/Days: Monday to Friday 8 AM - 7 PM EST, Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM EST, and Sunday closed.
Or visit Progressive Spanish to get entire assistance.

Progressive Leasing Cricket Phone Number

Dial 877-898-1970 to get support related to the phone plans from cricket wireless on Progressive leasing.
Or get in touch with the support team at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or call to 611 from cecll phone.
Service Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM ET, Sunday 10 AM to 9 PM ET.

Using Cricket Lease-To-Own Phone Payment Plan By Progressive Leasing

1. Choose "Use my Progressive Leasing Phone Payment Plan" while checkout.
2. Lease can be located by entering the first and last name along with the last four digits of the social security number.
3. After the lease has been correctly located details about credit or debit cards are required to be provided in order to cover costs associated with the Cricket service plan and features.
4. Read all the terms and conditions carefully to accept and "place order".
5. Now select the "E-Sign Your Lease" option appearing on the next screen and follow the instructions to e-sign the lease agreement and make an initial payment to place the order.
Alternatively, visit the "participating Cricket store" to get Lease-To-Own Phone Payment by choosing the phone and accessories if the lease has been approved.
Please note that one can cancel the lease at any time To the cricket store by returning the mobile and accessories within seven days from the date of purchase as the "Phone and accessory ownership is optional". Remember the agreement is with the progressive leasing not with the "cricket".

Progressive Leasing Furniture Phone Number

Progressive Leasing "lease-to-own option" is available for furnitures contact at 877-898-1970 for all required assistance in regard with the participating stores to buy furniture on lease by progressive. The lease for furniture can be applied using the following ways.
  • By Online:Start application at lease Application and provide the details about credit or debit card, Bank account , social security number. Please note that only 18 or above can apply for the lease. Existing customers can use their account to apply.
  • By Mobile App: New customers can download mobile to apply by selecting "Apply Now" and following the instructions.
  • In-Store Services: Visit any participating store nearby to get assistance with "in-store application" from the available customer service team.
    The once approved lease it will valid for 90 days and one can shop for leasable furniture. Initial payment is necessary to make after signing the lease agreement. The lease will begin right from the receipt of the purchase date.

Progressive Leasing Financial Contact

Service Number: Contact progressive leasing for assistance to purchase goods over lease at 877-898-1970 .

Is Progressive Leasing Different Then Financing Or Loan?

Yes, progressive leasing is not credit, finance or loan where one needs to repay with the interest on purchase with the borrower. Under lease-to-own agreement with Progressive Leasing selected products are purchased by progressive and offered to the customer on lease basis payment or "via early purchase option".

Does Lease-to-own Application Will Impact on Credit?

No, applying for a lease-to-own agreement does not put any impact on credit or FICO score. However, while applying company does look at the credit bureau reports and the same may appear on the "credit report".

What Does "No Credit Needed” Mean?

"No Credit" means that applying for a "lease-to-own agreement" does not have any credit history or solid credit score for approval. However, the credit bureau reports are analyzed to check various data points in order to make the final decision. Less than perfect credit or less credit history is often approved.

What are the Main Data Factors Considered for Lease Approval?

The main data points to consider for leasing include credit information, income, and banking history.

Zales Progressive Leasing Phone Number

  • Service Phone: For any assistance call "Progressive Leasing" at 877-898-1970 .
  • Zales Customer Service: Support for progressive lease to own option can also be availed by dialing 800-311-5393
    Service Hours/ Days: Monday -Friday 9 AM -10 PM ET, Saturday 12 PM – 10 PM ET, Sunday 12 PM – 9 PM ET
One can buy or purchase jewelry from the Zales on a lease basis through "progressive leasing". By following the mentioned steps to apply.
Step 1. Apply by filling out In Store Application to get instant decision.
Step 2: By visiting the local Zales shop for assistance.
Step 3: Pay the initial lease amount of $ 79 by signing the lease account to take jewelry home with Progressive lease to own.

Benefits of Progressive Lease-to-own Leasing

The Progressive Lease-to-own Leasing program is designed with wide range of beneficial features like
1. Does not require any solid credit score or history.
2. Best alternate for a credit card.
3. Start the lease by paying just $79 as an initial payment.
4. Easy & quick application process.
5. Offers 90 days purchase option, and much more.

What is Required for Lease Approval?

1. Eligibility 18 or above years old.
2. Information about bank routing and account number for active checking bank accounts.
3. Valid SSN or ITIN.
4. Number of the active debit or credit card.

Kay Jewelers Progressive Leasing Phone Number

  • Progressive Leasing Phone: Call to 877-898-1970 to purchase "lease to own program" for "Kay Jewelers". Or dial 866-319-0290 to get inquiries about progressive leasing answered from the service team.
  • Service Hours/Days: Monday – Friday: 9 A.M. - 10 P.M. ET, Saturday: Noon - 10 P.M. ET, Sunday Noon - 9 P.M. ET
  • Mail Services: Any assistance related to progressive jewelry leasing can also be requested through writing at "KAY Jewelers, c/o Sterling Jewelers, Ltd. 375 Ghent Rd. Akron, OH 44333"
Lease application can be made online, by visiting participating Kay jewelers store or through mobile app.

Progressive Leasing Login Support

Click to Customer Login to access the account details, order history and other required information. For further assistance dial 877-898-1970 .

What If I Can't Pay Lease for Longer?

If it becomes hard to pay leasing amount further it is advisable to contact customer service for options available to discussed at (877) 898-1970 . Moreover, Progressive leasing offers the flexibility to cancel it at any time without any hassle. Alternatively, the product can also be returned back to the progressive leasing without paying any additional cost except "unpaid lease-to-own costs".

What If Lease Merchandise Is Received Defective Or Damaged?

Get in touch with the "Progressive Leasing customer service team by dialing 877) 898-1970 for proper product evaluation and assistance in regard with the same. Dial the same number in case of lost or theft merchandise to receive proper guidance and support.

Can I Change Payments Or Payday Changes?

Yes, payments or payday changes can be changed by informing the service team prior to three business days of the next scheduled payment. Call at 877) 898-1970 to discuss changes with the team.

How Long is the Lease Agreement and Whom to Complaint About the Wrong Item?

Time frame for the Standard Lease-to-own agreements are 12-month to ownership and dial (877) 898-1970 if in case wrong product is received.

Where to Access My Lease Agreement/Application?

Complete details about the lease agreement and details are emailed to the owner. Moreover, once can access lease agreement online at My Account copies sent contain digital signature.