Spectrum Appointment Number - Customer Service Support

Spectrum also known as "Charter Communications" provides various means to book appointment for different services and support. Use the below methods to book an appointment
For any questions regarding Spectrum services or need help call at 855.366.7132
Spectrum Appointment Phone Number: If the customer need 24 x 7 Spectrum customer support call at 888.369.2408
Toll-Free Number: (855) 757-7328
Spectrum Service Appointment Number: 1-833-992-1501
Business Customers Support: The business customers can call at (877) 424-9246
For TV, Internet and Home Phone Questions: Call at (833) 267-6094
For Spectrum Mobile Questions: Call at (833) 224-6603
Spectrum Phone Number to Cancel Service: If the customer needs to cancel the service please call (833) 267-6094 .
Note: If Spectrum haven't received a request to disconnect the services, Spectrum will continue to charge the customer for the regular monthly service charges
to select or customize the Spectrum Internet, TV or Voice plan, the customer can contact the Spectrum Customer Service at 855.243.8892 , hours of calling are Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Spectrum TV Services
For TV services call on below numbersCustomer Service Chat: The customer can quickly resolve any questions about account information, Spectrum service or to schedule appointments. Through the chat chat option customer can also pay bill.
  • On the page click on Chat Now button
  • Select from the topics, or enter search queries
  • Start typing the Chat it uses an autosuggest feature that helps to type information faster

Make an In-Store Appointment Reservation -Support

The customer can can fix an appointment reservation online to visit select Spectrum Stores. The customer needs to enter the zip code, city, or state name to schedule an appointment. The customer can schedule an appointment to
  • Add, cancel or move a service
  • Exchange or pick up another equipment
  • Make a payment and get answers to questions related to billing
  • Resolve any service issues
  • Browse devices as well as accessories and get help with the Spectrum Mobile account

Cancel a Service Appointment

To cancel the appointment follow the steps mentioned below
  • Open the My Spectrum app and sign in. On the Home tab, there is upcoming service appointment option
  • Click to View the appointment Details
  • Tap Cancel the Appointment
  • Atlast the customer needs to Confirm the cancellation

Reschedule a Customer Service Appointment

The steps for rescheduling an appointment are mentioned below
  • The first step is to Sign in , it is the easiest way to pay the bill, manage account, watch TV anywhere and more. If the customer doesn't have an account then there is a create username option
  • After signing in select Reschedule option
  • Follow the instructions and enter the information as requested
  • Atlast confirm the new date of appointment

What Should I Expect on the Day of My Appointment?

After the appointment is scheduled customers receive updates about assigned technician’s status through TechTracker. The customer can view the technician’s location and ETA in real-time all through a unique link that is assigned to the work order of the customer.

Important Information Related to Appointment Support

  • The customer is get the first notification once the appointment is scheduled
  • The customer needs to confirm the appointment for certain services. Spectrum let the customer know about this and how a customer can confirm
  • If the customer chooses to receive notifications through email, that time customer needs to confirm the appointment with a phone call. The important point to note replying to an email notification does not confirm an appointment
  • The customer will receive appointment reminders. If the customer does not select a preferred method of contact, the customer will receive a phone call by default