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(833) 267-6094 ask "Am I in an outage?"
Spectrum communication has storm center to help consumers regarding outage issues. Spectrum also operated outage Map service to notify consumers about outage. Spectrum communication offers internet, mobile and landline services. The customer service center helps regarding outage, connectivity errors, etc.

Spectrum Gastonia NC Customer Service

2125 Union Rd, Gastonia, NC 28054.
(888) 406-7063

Spectrum Internet Outage Gastonia NC

(833) 267-6094
For information about outage issues and support.

Spectrum Outage Map Support

Check the Spectrum outage map at (https://outage.report/us/spectrum/) and collect information regarding outage issues. The outage map service enables to check the status of outage by searching with "Zip Code". The outage map offers information like current status of outage, restoration time required and causes of outage.

Signing Up for Spectrum Outage Service Notifications

Get notified about Spectrum Outage by receiving Text alerts. Sign Up for notifications at "https://www.spectrum.net/user-preferences/notifications".

Report Outage to Spectrum Customer Service

Spectrum allows to report outage issues through various channels. Report outage issues of cable tv, internet and home phone services.

Report Outage to Spectrum Online

  • Go to the Spectrum web portal at "www.spectrum.net"
  • Navigate to "Sign In" and login with valid credentials.
  • After Login click on "My Account".
  • Check for outage message on the "dashboard".
  • Click on "Report" to connect with customer service.

Report Spectrum Outage Via Chat

  1. Visit the official portal i.e. (https://www.spectrum.net/)
  2. Navigate to "Support" option.
  3. On support page click on "Chat With Us" under "Need Answers Fast?"
  4. Report outage to 24/7 live assistant.

Report Spectrum Outage Via Phone

Call at (833) 267-6094 and ask "Am I in an Outage?" to receive notifications regarding outage issues and current status of outage.

Report Outage at Spectrum Store

Spectrum Gastonia NC Store

2125 Union Rd, Gastonia, NC 28054.
(888) 406-7063

Report Outage at Spectrum Storm Center

Spectrum Storm Center is meant to help regarding outage and problems caused by storms and severe weather. Storms can cause outages and interrupt Spectrum services.

Steps to Connect with Spectrum Storm Center

  1. Go to the Spectrum web portal (https://www.spectrum.net/)
  2. Navigate to "Support" option on the homepage.
  3. On support page click on "Storm Center".
  4. Select "Chat With Us" on Storm center page.
  5. Type query like "Am I in an outage?" to report to a Virtual Assistant.

Spectrum Support Phone Numbers

ServicesPhone Number
Spectrum Residential Outage(833) 267-6094
Business Outage844-493-4458
Technical Support888.369.2408
Spectrum Mobile Support(833) 224-6603
Service Moving/Transfer Support(855) 702-2003
TV, Voice and Internet Transfer Support(855) 363-4902
Pay By Phone(833) 267-6094
Sales Support855.366.7132
Order New Service855-750-5002
Spectrum Plans/Prices855.243.8892

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