UAS Login Student Loan - Student Assistance Guide

UAS (University Of Accounting Service) Login Student Loan

The UAS connect student loan is the online portal designed to assist student loan borrowers in managing and repaying their student loans using a single platform. With the online portal, the students can customize their requirements related to the one-time payment, alert creations, etc.
  • Customer Service Number: For any login or portal related assistance contact service team at (844) 870-8701 .
  • Email Service Support: Ask queries related to the loan, online payment, etc via
  • Mailing Address: University Accounting Service LLC, 4099 McEwen Road Suite 700 B, Farmers Branch, TX 75244

UAS Connect Student Loans Login

To log in with the UAS Connect follow the mentioned steps.
1. Click to UASConnect Login .
2. Pop up screen will prompt to enter login details like "Username & password" .
3. Hit "Login" at the bottom of the user details to get access.

What to Do If Uas Connect Username/ Password is Forgotten?

If the user is not able to login with the Uas connect because of a forgotten "username or password" follow the mentioned instructions.
1. Visit page.
2. Go to the bottom of the user section.
3. Click on the preferred option " Forgot your username" or
"Forgot your password".
To Recover Username
Provide the SSN and registration email address and click on "Send Username" to receive details.

To Recover Password
In order to reset the password with the account enter information like username, email address, and phone number in the pop screen and click on the "Send Password to reset link" to reset the password.

UAS Student Loan Refinance

UAS offers multiple ways to refinance student loans including online, over the phone, or pay by mail.

Making UAS Repayment Online

To make online payment follow the given steps.
1. Visit and click on login.
2. Navigate to the "Making Payment online" on the right side menu.
3. Click on the "Enroll" option and again click on the "Get Started" option.
4. Go to "create an account" and click the same.
5. Choose the Uas option for the account identification.
6. Follow the instruction for a payment account set up for one-time or recurring payments.
Paying By Phone: To make repayment over phone dial 800-999-6227 it requires bank account and routing number details.
Pay By Check/ Mail: The payment by check can be send to mentioned mailing address
University Accounting Service, PO Box 5865, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5865.
Please mentioned the account number on the check and also send the "remittance section of the paper statement" (detachable slip) at the bill bottom.

Refinancing the UAS Student Loans

The refinancing of the UAS students is only possible by applying for another loan with a private loan servicer on more flexible rates and terms. One must go for refinancing in order to change the loan servicer for private student loans. Alternatively, those federal student loan borrowers can opt for a "federal Direct Consolidation Loan" as it provides the option to change loan servicers while still getting federal loan benefits. Dial 800-999-6227 for detailed assistance.

What Are The UAS Student Loan Deferment Options?

For any concerns in regarding to the UAS student deferment options or in an event of financial difficulty call to 844 870 8701
  • Student Loan Benefits Option:
    Student benefits related to deferment, forbearance, or reduced repayment plan eligibility are entirely dependent on the lender, loan type, and promissory note. The benefit provides the student the flexibility to pay less than originally scheduled. It must be noted that his option has certain consequences as well for details call to 844 870 8701
  • Cosigner Option: To avail assistance regarding the "Cosigner release" call to 844 870 8701 . The service team available will also provide guidance in setting up an account with the portal and registration. All questions about making payments with "cosigner release" are answered.

    Do Private Loan Providers Offer the Same Deferment Options As Federal Student Loans?

    No, the private loan servicers may not provide many repayment and deferment options as "Federal Student Loans". Contact at 844 870 8701 to know more.

UAS Echo Student Loan Login Early Payoff

With the ECHO account students can payoff early using " additional online repayments". The steps to setup ECHO account for early payoffs are mentioned below.
1. Goto the ECHO account and login.
2. Select the "Payment" option and click on the same.
3. Select the preferred payment method.
4. Enter the amount details for "toward each loan" under "Pay Toward Loan".
In the user is facing difficulties in setting up Echo account contact customer service by phone at
For English language: 800-999-6227
For Spanish language: 866-765-0743
during 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. CT.(Weekdays)
By Mail: University Accounting Service, PO Box 918, Brookfield, WI 53008-0918

How to Report UAS Student Loan Complaints

To file or report UAS student loan complaints call at 800-999-6227 to discuss the issue with the service representative or write to to receive possible assistance. Alternatively, one can also submit complaints online through

US Student Loan Forbearance

Student loan forbearance means that one can stop making payments on a temporary basis or one is supposed to pay less for a temporary time frame. However, the best alternative to the forbearance is to opt for an "Income-Driven Repayment Plan" which provides the option to pay 0% per month sometimes. The loan forgiveness can also be provided if not paid back after 20 or 25 years as the loan "forbearance" does not allow for loan "forgiveness".

Reasons to Request General Forbearance

One can apply for general or discretionary forbearance in an event of the following reasons.
1. Due to the financial difficulties
2. Medical expenses and change in employment
3. Any Other reasons that are acceptable to the loan servicer.

What is Mandatory Forbearance?

The mandatory forbearance is offered to the applicants for the following reasons.
  • AmeriCorps: If the applicant is associated with the "AmeriCorps position" and is received a "national service award".
  • Department of Defense Student Loan Repayment Program: In case the applicant qualifies for the partial loan payment through the "U.S. Department of Defense Student Loan Repayment Program".
  • Medical Or Dental Internship Or Residency: If the applicant is providing services in a medical or dental internship or residency program and also meet the eligibility requirements.
  • National Guard Duty: Members of the national guard duty who are activated by the governor.

Student Choice Connect Login

To login student choice connect
1. visit
2. Go to the right side and click on "Login" at the top.
3. Enter "username & password" in the prompted login screen.
4. Click on the "Login button" to proceed.

Student Loan Support Phone Numbers

Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC)

Monday–Friday: 8 A.M.–11 P.M. Eastern Time (ET), Saturday–Sunday: 11 A.M.–5 P.M. ET

Repayment Service Providers

FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.





OSLA Servicing


FedLoan Servicing


U.S. Department of Education
FedLoan Servicing, P.O. Box 69184, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184

Borrower Defense Customer Support


U.S. Department of Education
Federal Student Aid Information Center, P.O. Box 1854
Monticello, KY 42633

Default Resolution Group

TTY: 1-877-825-9923

Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group


Income-driven Repayment Plan Application

Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC)
Monday–Friday: 8 A.M.–11 P.M. Eastern time (ET)
Saturday–Sunday: 11 A.M.–5 P.M. ET