UConn Login - Email Login Assistance

UConn(University Of Connecticut)Login Portal

UConn Login Portal is basically the "online Student Administration System" that is designed for the students to let them enroll & plan for their classes along with the advisors. The student system provides the access to interactive courses, registration process, and other tools. The students are supposed to get registered with Uconn right from their admission stage and continue to use it till their graduation completes.
  • Uconn Login Tech Support: Any assistance related to the portal and to login at UConn can be availed by dialing 860-486-4357
  • Email Service Support: Drop email to request technical support at techsupport@uconn.edu
  • Uconn Chat Support: The chat support is available at techsupport.uconn.edu

UConn Login Portal Service Features

UConn portal is designed with the following features to help students, instructors, and advisors to manage their work and access the required information online at any time.
  • UConn Financial Aid Feature: With the portal or system one can view the complete information about the financial aid information, along with the scheduled disbursements.
  • UConn Personal Information Feature: Let the user to update their personal information.
  • UConn Academics Support The feature is designed to plan and enroll in the classes and also to view the grades, transcripts requests, and apply for graduation.
  • UConn Finances Support: With the Finances feature the user can make payments, view bill statements, and get 1098T, GA Payroll Deductions. Moreover, the students can also create student permissions and can get enrolled in direct deposits.

UConn Email Login Assistance

UConn (University Of Connecticut) has designed a complete email Login system for students and staff to log in with their accounts using different types of email service providers in order to manage their tasks more conveniently online.

Steps for UConn Email Login Assistance

1. Visit to https://email.uconn.edu/
2. Click on the preferred email service provider such as Office 365, Gmail, or using Google work space(G Suite).
4. Follow the instructions to log in account for each respective email service provider.

Login to Office 365 Web Mail

To login to Office 365 Web Mail follow the given steps.
1. At https://email.uconn.edu/ click on "Office 365" button in Yellow.
2. Enter the "Sign in" information like Email, phone, or Skype Id in the login section.
3. Click on the "Next Button" to proceed with the login instructions.

How to Create a Office 365 Email Account?

1. Visit https://email.uconn.edu/
2. On the Login screen click on the "No account? Create one" and complete the steps to get registration done.

What Sign-In Options are Available to Access Account?

Here is the Sign in steps to access the account.
Web Mail Login: For online Webmail login with "official UConn email address and NetID password". The official email address can be found in "UConn Phonebook".

For Desktop Client Login

Steps to configure office 365 email on the desktop are mentioned below.
Setting Up Outlook for Windows
1. Open outlook by clicking Icon or search "Outlook" using the Windows search bar.
2. For first-time users a pop-up screen will appear to "Login".
3. Enter the UConn email address in the form of "firstname.lastname@uconn.edu".
4. Click on "Connect".
5. The screen will prompt asking to enter the "password".
6. Enter the "NetID" password and click on the "Continue button" to proceed.
7. Login and start accessing the emails. If it seems hard to manage the interface then click on compact mode to use.

Configure Outlook For Mac

1. Open the outlook for Mac.
2. Navigate to the "Outlook & Preferences" from the top left corner.
3. Go to the "Accounts" and click on the same.
4. The window will appear Just look for the "plus button " from the left bottom corner and select the "New Account".
5. Set up your email Window will appear to enter "UConn email address" in the same and click on "Continue".
6. Type the NetID password and click "Ok & Done".
7. Close the accounts window.

Configure Outlook For Apple

To configure Outlook with Apple
1. Open Apple Mail.
2. Go to the "Menu" Navigate to the "Mail" & then Add "Account". Click on "Exchange".
3. Type/ enter login information in the following manner.
First.LastName@uconn.edu (Name Section)
First.LastName@uconn.edu ( In Faculty or Staff Email Address)
Student Worker Email Address: student@ad.uconn.edu or NetIDwork@uconn.edu.
Enter the NetID Password registered with the account.
4. Select the Mail to use with the account and click on "Done" to complete.
Visit https://email.uconn.edu/office-365/ for setting up office 365 account on Mobile devices.

Login with Gmail Account/Google Workspace

Login using Gmail/ Google workspace by following steps.
2. Visit http://gmail.uconn.edu/
3. Enter Email Address and click "Next"
4. Enter password and "Login".

Setting Up Google Workspace Account

Google Workspace Accounts for Students
1. Students are supposed to visit "https://kb.uconn.edu/space/IKB/10730799636" to create a password first time.
2. Students can now access the account by entering "firstname.lastname@uconn.edu "as the username and the password associated with the account.
3. To test the account visit "gmail.uconn.edu" and enter details.
Students are supposed to verify their email address in "UConn Phonebook" to avoid any inconvenience.

Google Workspace Accounts for Staff/ Faculty
1. The staff or faculty member is supposed to visit https://email.uconn.edu/google-workspace/
2. Select "Create Faculty/Staff Account" and click on the button.
3. Enter "NetID and NetID password" to login.
4. Click on "I want to opt-in" for account formation.
5. Read the terms & conditions properly and "Accept" the same by clicking the "Accept button".
6. Now password needs to be created for "UConn Google account" and click on "Submit Password".
7. Once the account will be created a message will be displayed Congratulations, Your new Gmail account has been created."
Find other ways to create a "Google workspace" using a desktop or mobile device at "https://email.uconn.edu/google-workspace/"

How To Create UConn Login NetID?

To create a UConn NetID Login follow the given steps.
1. New User need to Activate account at Activating Your NetID
by clicking the option.
2. Create a strong and easy-to-remember password. " Check out the guideline at "Creating a Passphrase".
3. Select the "Setting up NetID Password Recovery Options"
4. To secure "NetID" set up an "Duo two-factor authentication".

How to Reset Password for UConn NetID Account?

To reset the password for UConn "NetID account"
1. Visit https://netid.uconn.edu/
2. Scroll down to the "Reset Password option" and click on the "Reset" button in blue.
3. Enter "NetID" in the box then date of birth in the next box and click "Continue" for instructions to retrieve the password.
Find detailed help resources related to "Uconn NetID" at https://kb.uconn.edu/space/IKB/10726900324/NetID

Uconn MyChart Login Health Access?

Uconn MyChart is the online patient portal meant to provide complete health care information related to the medical records, visit notes, bill payments, etc.
Call to 1-84-GET-UCONN to know more or to schedule appointment or (1-844-698-2666) , Option 1.
Office Address: 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, Connecticut 06030.

Uconn Health MyChart Login

To login into the Uconn MyChart Click to MyChart Login
2. On user section enter "MyChart Username" & "Password"
3. Click on "Sign In" button to access the details.

Uconn Health MyChart Login Features

The Uconn health Mychart offers mentioned features to the users.
1. Communication with doctors to get answers to medical queries.
2. Test results can be easily accessed.
3. Visit notes are accessible that are written by the provider.
4. Prescription refills can be requested.
5. Appointments can be managed.
6. Can make bills online by setting up paperless billing preferences.
7. Can view the summary of the health records.
8. Referral request to the specialist is possible.

UConn Login Local IT Email & Support Groups

Storrs Campus IT Support

Center for Health, Intervention, and Prevention (CHIP)
(860) 486-0997

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
(860) 486-0478

Neag School of Education
(860) 486-3489

Public Safety IT Support
(860) 486-5159

School of Business
(860) 486-5450

School of Engineering
(860) 486-1821

Student Affairs Information Technology
(860) 486-8992

Regional Campus Support

UConn Health Center
Farmington Campus
(860) 679-4400

Avery Point Campus
Avery Point Information Technology, Mark Bond
Academic Building 319
(860) 405-9186

Hartford Campus
Hartford IT Services, 38 Prospect Street - Lower Level - Room G02

Walk-ins Hours: 7:30 AM – 7 PM Monday - Thursday and 7:30-5 on Fridays
(959) 200-3666

Hartford School of Law
2nd floor of the Law Library
(860) 570-5158

Help Desk Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.
Friday: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

School of Law Affiliates and Guests
Technology Services Group
(203) 251-9599

Waterbury Campus
Technology Services Group
(203) 537-1677 , (203) 437-0431

Uconn Login Application Status

  • Customer Service Number:For any assistance regarding the Application Status contact at +1 (860) 486 3137
  • Fax: +1 (860) 486 1476
  • Email Service Support: drop email to beahusky@uconn.edu to request support related the application status.

To check the Uconn application status one needs to create an account or log in with the "UConn’s applicant portal". In addition, the information related to the "receipt of application documents" can also be checked via the portal. Please note to log in with the account it is important to "Activate NetID" and create the password. Click Check Application Status to login for status update.

Office Location: Visit the office regarding application assistance at Admissions
Division of Enrollment Planning & Management
2131 Hillside Road, Unit 3088, Storrs, Connecticut 06269-3088

Uconn Login Blackboard

Blackboard Login Support: For assistance contact at 860-679-2000
Uconn Blackboard collaborate is the online learning solution designed with innovative tools like in-session tools, breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, and other engagement features to provide the face-to-face feel of online classes.
UConn Health
263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT 06030

Uconn Login Admin

Follow the steps mentioned below to log in student admin portal online.
1. Visit https://studentadmin.uconn.edu/
2. Click on the "Login to Student Admin" button from the right side of the screen.
3. Enter NetID and Password associated with the account.
4. Click on the "login "to access the account.