UGA Athena - Student & Parent Account Access Help Guide

UGA Athena - Student Account Support

  • Student Account/Login Support: University offers support regarding the login account via a call at 706-542-3106 or dial 706-542-4040
  • Email Support: To make account inquiries send an email at
  • Office Address: For walk-in support visit at University of Georgia Office of the Registrar, 104 Caldwell Hall, Athens Georgia 30602
University of Georgia (UGA) Athena login portal is dedicated to students. The login portal provides access to varied e-services and resources. The login account is vital to make online payments, pay fee and tuition charges.

Where to Get Athena Account Credentials?

All students get the account/login User ID at the time admission. The user id is called as "UGA MyID". The login password is send via email to students on the email address mentioned on application forms.

How to Login UGA Athena Account?

Follow the below steps to login into the student account.
  1. Visit the official portal of University of Georgia for Login
  2. On home page selects the "Athena Student Account" icon
  3. Click on the "Student account" among the login options
  4. On Account page click on "Login to Athena"
  5. Enter "MyID and password" in relevant sections
  6. Click on "Login" to access the account
  7. For account help or login assistance dial 706-542-4040

Check Benefits of UGA Athena Accounts

UGA Athena account provides access to varied benefits and services that are mentioned below:
  • Pay Fee and Payments: The login account allows to pay fee and other University payments. Students can access the payment history and track all transactions
  • Financial Aid: Students can apply for financial aid, scholarships and etc. By login into account students can also apply for academic services
  • Check Payment Details: UGA Athena Login allows to check fee schedule and tuition structure. Students can also check details about payment deadline, refunds and etc.
  • Book NFL Tickets: The online login account provides access to book national football league tickets and avail discounts
  • Support Service: University students can access multiple contact support channels to different academic activities

UGA Athena Account Issues - Support Guide

There are many account/login issues that can be solved by using the troubleshoot tips. Check the below information to troubleshoot the various common login issues.
Can't Login into Account: Clear all cookies and cache to try login into a web browser. For login failed error, try to sign in into a new web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
Incorrect MyID Password: Re-type password and check for Caps lock errors. To reset a password, visit the account setting page and set a new password.
Invalid MyID: Student's user id is disabled once passed from the University. To activate the user id once again send an email at
Login Account Not Working: If the login account is not working after trying the troubleshoot tips call the IT help at 706-542-3106 or send an email at

UGA Athena Student Account Helpline Numbers

To seek assistance regarding Login and other queries use the below mentioned support channels.
Student Accounts: 706-542-2965
Student Financial Aid: 706-542-6147
Admissions: 706-542-8776

Student Account Address UGA
Service Address: 424 E Broad St # 110, Athens, GA 30602
Phone Support: (706) 542-2965

Campus Contact
Service Address: Office of the Registrar, 104 Caldwell Hall, Athens, Georgia 30602-6113
Service Number: 706-542-4040
Fax: 706-583-0319
Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Student/Alumni Support:
Tuition Assistance Program:
UGA Bulletin:
Veterans Affairs:
Classroom Scheduling:

UGA Athena Parent Account Help Guide

The UGA parent login portal allows to create a login profile and login into account. Parents can visit the login portal to access multiple services. The login profile enables to get access to campus news and updates. Subscribe for campus newsletters. Parents can also login as authorized users to pay payments on behalf of students. The parent’s portal enables to login by using email address, Facebook ID or LinkedIn id.

UGA Athena Authorized User Account Guide

University of Georgia allows students to set an authorized user for login account. The authorized users can be parents, guardians, employers, and etc. The authorized users can login on behalf of students and pay bills. The authorized users cannot access the payment methods, academic records, or other personal information of students.
How to Add an Authorized User
1. Visit the Athena Login page.
2. Enter the Login credentials and Sign in.
3. Select student account and click on "Access student account".
4. Enter "My UGA ID and password to login again.
5. Navigate to "My Profile Setup" and select "Authorized Users".
6. Add an email address on an individual added as authorized user.
7. Make selections on various terms and click "I agree".
Click on "continue" to add the authorized user.

UGA Athena Off Campus Account Support

To learn how to login UGA off-campus accounts, visit the web portal . Students, staff and parents can seek support by sending an email at or call at 706-542-3106 .