UGA Email - Mail Login, Address, Signature Guide

UGA Email/Mail Login

UGA Email Login Assistance: For any assistance related to "email login or set up" contact the help desk at 706-542-3106
UGA Email Service Support: for any email or portal related assistance write to

How to Login UGA Email Account?

UGA provides two options for email login or to access the account which are
  • MyUGA Portal (
  • UGAMail Homepage (

Login with Http://

Steps to login email on "" follow the below mentioned steps
1. Visit ""
2. Click on the "UGAMail icon"
3. The user will be redirected to "Microsoft’s Office 365 login page"
4. Enter complete login details in the login section that is "UGAMail address" in the format of “”.
5. Enter password associated with the "UGAMail Account"
Please note that "Off-campus users" are supposed to "log in" with "ArchPass". To use "ArchPass" the device must be enrolled with it at "".

Email Login with MyUGA Portal

Here are the steps to access email/ account with "MyUGA portal"
1.Click to MyUGA Portal
2. On the home page go to "Instant Access".
3. Click on any one option "ArchPass, or UGA’s two-step login solution".
4. A login screen will appear to enter "Username" & password.
5. Once the credentials are entered click on "Login" to access the account.

Who can Access the UGAMail Account?

UGA students, faculty, and staff are eligible to log in or access the "UGAMail Account". Please note that once the employee leave or student gets graduate they will lose the UGAMail or other MyID-connected access to the account.

How To Set Up UGA Email?

Detailed UGA email step-up instructions for students, staff, and faculty for different devices are mentioned below.

Setting Up UGA Email with Email Clients

The following steps are for "Outlook 2016 for Windows,
Outlook 2016 for Mac, Mac Mail (latest version)".
1. Open Outlook and choose File.
2. Click on the "Add file option" The next option depends on what version is one using.
3. If it is for "Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2016" then enter the email and click on "Connect".
4. Fit it is for "Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010" enter details like name, email address, and password, and click "Next".
5. If the prompt appears then enter the "password again".
6. Select "OK and finish" in order to start Outlook in windows.

Setting Up Mobile Devices for UGAMail

To synch or set up UGAMail with Mobile devices follow the given steps.
IOS Mail App
1. Open settings in "Phone or iPad".
2. Scroll down to "Tap Mail" click on "Accounts" and then "Account Settings".
3. For lower versions then ( iOS 10,) click on "Accounts & Passwords > Add Account".
4. Select "Microsoft Exchange"
5. Enter details like "Office 365, Exchange or email address" in the login section.
6. Click on "Next" and then "Sign In" to access the account.
7. Enter "Password" registered with the account and click "on Sign In or Next".
8. Allow permission by clicking on "Accept".
9. Select the services that need to be synced with the "iOS device and tap Save" to complete.

Set Up Outlook for IOS

1. Go to the App Store to download "Outlook for iOS from iOS".
2. First-time users are supposed to enter "full email address".
3. Click on "Add Account" or go to Menu > tap Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.
4. The login screen will be displayed to enter the email account and password.
5. Click on "Sign In".
6. For multi-factor authentication it is mandatory to verify identity.
7. Allow the prompt permission by clicking "Accept" and it's done.
For detailed UGAMail setup, guides visit "" to explore help content.

UGA Email Signature Builder

Following instructions will provide step-wise help to creating or building "UGA Email Signature".
1. Visit the "".
2. Fill out the sections that need to appear in the email signature.
3. User can see the preview while entering the details.
4. Choose the preferred format by selecting the same from the highlighted Signature content.
5. The highlighted content is supposed to be copied by following commands
Windows: Press Ctrl+C Mac: Press ?+C Or in the browser: Click Edit in the toolbar, then Copy
6. Now paste the copied content into the chosen email program.

UGA Email Password Reset Help

To recover or set forgot password for "UGA Email" mentioned steps are supposed to follow.
1. Visit
2. Enter "UGA MyID" in the box.
3. Authenticate the captcha code to proceed with the password reset process.
Please note that one is required to verify the identity prior to proceeding. The verification will be regarding the previously established "MyID profile".
If the problem persists contact at 706-542-3106 or drop email to

How to Change UGA Email Password?

To change the password for the UGA email account
1. Go to the "MyID Profile" management application by login in with the current password.
2. Complete the "MyID Profile" in order to change the password. or call to 706-542-3106 for detailed help and support related to the same.

What Do You Mean By MyID Profile?

The "MyID Profile" is a self-service application to help users in changing or reset their passwords if forgotten by simply mobile phone or non-UGAMail address verification.

How to Complete MyID Profile?

MyID Profile is completed with two steps only
1. User is required to set up a secret question.
2. Setting up the mode of verification which includes mobile phone, non-UGAMail address, or secret questions.

UGA Email Directory

UGA contains all information about email addresses, and telephone numbers, along with department information for faculty, staff, students, and everyone. The directory can be accessed by giving a call to 706-542-3000 or dial toll free number 1-866-423-2947 or 1-866-GA-DAWGS. . Alternatively, visit to look for people, staff,, faculty or student by entering name in the box and clicking search button to receive details.

UGA Faculty Email Adresses & Alumni Directory

For Students and Alumni
NameEmail Contact
Tuition Assistance

For Faculty and Staff

NameEmail Contact
Course Approval Process
Automation (CAPA)
Field Study -
Study Abroad -

UGA Tate Student Center
Tate Student Center, 45 Baxter St., Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-3816

General Contact Information

Office of the Registrar
104 Caldwell Hall, Athens, Georgia 30602-6113
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M
Fax to 706-583-0319

Mailing Address
The University of Georgia Press, Main Library, Third Floor
320 South Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

Department fax:706-542-2558


Assistant to the Director/Rights and Permissions

Department fax: 706-542-2558

Executive Editor

Acquisitions Editor

Acquisitions Editor

Business and Editorial Assistant

Editorial, Design, and Production
Department fax: 706-542-6770

Assistant Director for Editorial, Design, and Production

Assistant Editorial, Design, and Production Manager

Production Editor

Production Editor

Designer and Art Director

Designer and Production Manager

Production Coordinator

Marketing and Sales
Department fax: 706-542-6770

Director of Marketing and Sales

Publicist and Social Media Manager

Marketing Content and Exhibits Manager

Publicist and Social Media Coordinator

Digital Publishing and Metadata Coordinator

Department fax: 706-542-2558

Chief Financial Officer

Accounts Payable and Royalty Coordinator

The New Georgia Encyclopedia
Managing Editor
404-523-6220 , ext.121

Departmental Contact Information

(706) 542-1188
(706) 542-5813
Crime Prevention
(706) 542-0104
Criminal Investigations
(706) 542-5813
E-911 Center
(706) 542-2200
Event Security
(706) 542-1032
(706) 542-2200
(706) 542-5813
Non-Emergency Phone:
(706) 542-2200
Open Records Requests

Changing UGA Email Alais

Steps to change UGA email Alais are mentioned below.
1. Visit to
2. Go to the left column and "Change UGAMail Address".
3. It will ask for login just enter "MyID & password." to Sign In.
4. The text will appear titled "Create New Email." click on the same. However, if Alais is charged in the past then click on "Edit" at the last in the list.
5. Enter the address that needs to appear on the "New UGAMail Address" field.
Please note that the address must be the combination of the letters & numbers but not all addresses. It can contain one period but not any other symbol. The character's range must be at least 2 and a maximum of 30 in length. Alo keep in mind that login still requires "myid address ("