UNG Email Service - Student & Faculty Assistance Guide

UNG Email Service Support

  • UNG Email Account Support: helpdesk@ung.edu or call at (706) 864-1922
  • Main Address: University of North Georgia 82 College Circle Dahlonega, GA 30597
  • Main Office Phone Numbers: 706-864-1800 or at 1-888-413-9366
  • Account Assistance: Having difficulties in login contact the IT Service Desk by calling 706-864-1922
  • Atlanta Office Phone Number: 678-717-3555
  • Text Support Number: 706-250-1922
  • Office Hours: Academic Year from mid-August to April Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Friday: 8:00 am 3:00 pm
  • Summer Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Friday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • UNG Faculty Support: 706-867-2522 or email at deti@ung.edu
The University of North Georgia (UNG) is actually a public senior military college with a number of campuses in Georgia. The faculty and the student need to set up a UNG email login account through which all the services of UNG can be availed through proper login account.

UNG Admissions Email Addresses

UNG has different admissions emails for different campus all of which are mentioned below
  • Blue Ridge Campus: admissions-blu@ung.edu
  • Cumming Campus: admissions-cmg@ung.edu
  • Dahlonega Campus: admissions-dah@ung.edu
  • Gainesville Campus: admissions-gvl@ung.edu
  • Oconee Campus: admissions-ocn@ung.edu
Mailing Address: All the Undergraduate Admissions mail should be sent to
University of North Georgia Office of Undergraduate Admissions P.O. Box 1358 Gainesville, GA 30503

How to Find the Undergraduate Admissions Counsellors?

The admissions counsellor is the student's main connection to all things UNG like majors, minors, application questions, campus visits, athletics, etc. For the admission counsellor, students need to visit the Admissions Counsellors page and enter the name of the state to find the admission counsellors.

What Online Courses are Available at UNG?

There are e types of online courses available at UNG
  • ECore and Georgia ONmyLINE (GOML): eCore as well as GOML courses are taught by the instructors from throughout the public university system
  • UNG Online: UNG Online courses are taught by the UNG instructors

UNG Email Account Support Guide

UNG Email is actually a cloud-based portal that allows the current University of North Georgia students to register for various courses, access important announcements, as well as view course or assignment grades all this easily. The step by step process of UNG Email Sign in are mentioned below
  • The first step is to visit the UNG Email Sign in portal
  • On the portal the students can log in using school login and others can also log in by tapping on the "All others" options
  • On the portal there is a create account and forgot password option

Can't Log into My Gmail Email

There can be multiple reasons for this problem. It is possible that the password is not correct or that the account is hacked, so be sure to reset the account password. Some of the solutions are mentioned below:

  • Try a Different Browser: Try to open Gmail in a different browser
  • Is GMail Down?: Sometimes it is possible that the Gmail service may be down when UNG users can’t log in to Google’s webmail
  • Reset the Gmail Login: In such situations open the Google Account recovery page in a browser and enter the GMail address for the account that doesn’t sign in or click on Forgot email and proceed with the steps
Note: If the UNG user is unable to login with Gmail Email then please call at 706-864-1922 or visit the password portal

UNG Student/Faculty Email Account Portal

The login steps for UNG Student Email are as follows
  • The first step is to visit the UNG Student account portal
  • On the portal existing student needs to enter the username and password used at the time of the signing up
  • The new students can also create new account on the page
  • If the student is facing any issue in login then please call on 706-864-1922

How to Update UNG Cadet Student Records?

If the students change their e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, or any academic major, before enrolling in UNG then it is advisable to contact UNG Cadet Admissions through e-mail at cadetadmissions@ung.edu. If the student has a valid reason to change the original term of enrollment shown in the Letter of Acceptance the student must inform the Associate Director of Cadet Admissions via e-mail cadetadmissions@ung.edu

UNG Email Password Reset Help

The UNG Password Portal is the best way to change as well as reset email account passwords. This Portal is used in the event of resetting or forget the password, and also if the account password expires. For any kind of questions regarding the password the email support is helpdesk@ung.edu

UNG Email on Phone
For the easy-to-use experience the students as well as faculty members can use UNG email on their phones and for different phone brands there is different way of setting up UNG email on phone to view all please visit the Email Setup on Mobile Phones page

Check UNG Email: The students and the faculty can easily check the UNG email through their respective accounts either on laptop, desktop or on phone as mentioned above
How Do I Log Into My UNG Email
The simple and easy way to log into UNG Email is by visiting the account portal

How Do I Activate My UNG Account?

In order to activate the UNG AccountID the first thing to do is to change the default password from the account provided by Information Technology please visit the Account Activation Portal . On the portal fill out the form requiring some important data like SSN or UNG ID.

What Services Does UNG Information Technology Provides?

The UNG's Department of Information Technology helps in providing secure, effective as well as highly technical solutions for the University of North Georgia (UNG) and the University System of Georgia (USG)
  • IT department works with the University community to understand as well as enable the IT needs of faculty, staff, and students like email login support
  • Provide planning for the secure, effective, and best use of emerging technologies
  • The IT department also helps the faculty and the students in situation of login problems simply by calling at the 706-864-1922