UR (University of Regina) Self Service is a student self-service portal designed by University of Regina. The portal offers access to different online student services and other academic facilities. Students can call at 306-585-4685 or dial toll-free number 1-844-585-4685 to seek direct assistance related to Self-Service center.
Student inquiries: 306-585-4123
General Office: 306-585-4979

What are the Benefits of Student Self-Service?

The UR (University of Regina) Self-Service offers access to multiple services online. The amenities available include the following:
  • Admission Confirmation: By login into UR self-service system students can print the enrollment conformation letter. The letters show for which class a student is enrolled
  • Academic Schedule: The self-service platform allows to view and print the student schedule by day and time
  • Order Books: The UR self service enables a student to print entire book list or order books online
  • Pay Tuition Fee: The platform allows to view the account balance and pay tuition online by using various payment methods
  • Get Passes: The UR-self-service portal enables to get parking passes, campuses pass, etc
  • Check Schedules: The UR self-service empowers to search for class schedule and courses

UR Self Service Canada Customer Support

UR (University of Regina) assures all possible assistance regarding Self-service system. Students and staff members can avail all needed support from the established contact channels. Use the below mentioned helpline channels to avail needed help.
IT Support Centre Contact: Students can call at 306-585-4685 or dial 1-844-585-4685 (toll free) to seek assistance from IT support center regarding UR Self Service accounts. Students can also send queries via email at IT.Support@uregina.ca
Information Services Administrative Offices: To contact the administrative office of University of Regina call at 1-306-585-5318 or send an email at IS.Admin@uregina.ca.
Support Phone Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9:45:00 p.m. & Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:45:00 p.m.

UR Self Service Account

UR Self-Service account provides access to multiple services and facilities. Students can login and avail various online services. To login into account follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Visit the University of Regina official portal
  2. Click on "UR Self-Service" option at the home page
  3. At the UR Self-Service page click on "Log-in to UR Self-Service"
  4. Online Login page enter a User ID (nine digits student number)
  5. Enter a PIN (minimum of eight digits)
  6. Click on "Login" option to access the account
Note: First time users can click on "Help" option at the top right on Login page to avail needed support regarding login.
Forgot UserID/Password: In case a student forgets user ID or password. Click on "Forgot PIN" button under the login page. Follow the prompts to recover the login credentials.

How to Register for Classes at Regina Canada?

  • Log into UR Self-Service at "https://www.uregina.ca/"
  • Click on "Registration" at the student service menu.
  • Navigate to "Add/Drop/Search for Classes"
  • Click on "Add Class Worksheet"
  • Enter CRN’s in the boxes and click "submit changes"
  • Follow the prompts and select "Current Schedule section"
  • Follow on-screen instructions to register for a class

UR Courses Self Service

UR (University of Regina) Courses is the primary Online Learning Environment (OLE) that is meant of students and staff members. The platform is designed for instructors and students to share academic resources, interact and avail course-related activities.

To Login into UR Courses

1. Go to the University of Regina portal at "https://www.uregina.ca/".
2. Click on "UR Courses" at the top of home page.
3. Click on "Login to UR Courses".
4. Enter "username and password" to login.
5. First time users can click on "Are you a new student?".
Note: For support and assistance regarding login and account send an email at IT.Support@uregina.ca or call (306) 585-4685 .

University of Regina Tuition Fees

University of Regina offers admission to national and international students under different programs. The program tuition fee is given below in the table
CoursesDurationTuition Fees
M.E./M.Tech (6 Courses)(18-24 months)CAD 11.08 K
MBA/PGDM (2 Courses)(18-24 months)CAD 18.97 K - 34.17 K
B.Sc. (7 Courses)(4 years)CAD 21.35 K - 21.97 K
BBA (2 Courses)(4 years)CAD 21.97 K - 24.45 K
B.E. / B.Tech(4 Courses)(5 years)CAD 22.37 K - 23.83 K
M.A .(1 Courses)(2 years)CAD 7.32 K
MS (1 Courses)(18-24 months)CAD 8.33 K

University of Regina Tuition Fees for International Students

International students enrolled for six courses are supposed to pay CAD $13,100 - 15,300. Students who studying a 10 courses program per year have to pay CAD $21,200 - 24,900.
Support Contact: For questions regarding student fee send an email at financial.services@uregina.ca or call at 306-585-4123 .

What is the University of Regina Acceptance Rate?

The University acceptance rate is around 80-90%. Students having 70% grades on average in high school are of high chances to get enrolled in the University.

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