Verizon Wireless Support

Verizon Wireless customer service provides support for internet, mobile network, home phone, and TV services. Assistance can be sought by contacting the service center at 1-800-837-4966. Various contact channels have been established by Verizon Wireless to facilitate customers. The following contacts can be utilized to receive the necessary assistance.

Verizon Wireless Support Number

Mobile Phones and Plans: 1.800.526.3178
Enterprise Sales Support: 1.877.297.7816
Federal Public Sector Assistance: 1.877.297.7816
State & Local Government: 1.877.288.9473
FiOs, Network, and Phone: 1.888.586.5445
Public Safety Service: 1.877.288.9473

Verizon Wireless Internet Technical Support Phone Number

General Service Support: 1.844.234.2280
24 Hours Repair Service: 1.800.837.4966
Registration/Login Assistance: 1.866.326.7937
Internet Troubleshooting Help: 800-837-4966
Verizon Internet Outage Support: 1-800-837-4966

Verizon Wireless Home and Business Internet Service Number

Device Troubleshooting Assistance: 1.800.922.0204
Business Internet Support: 888.378.3113
Wireless Services: 1.800.225.5499

Verizon Bill Payment Support for TV, Internet & Phone Bill

Small and Medium Business Sales: 1.888.618.0196
FiOs, Network, and Phone: 1.877.307.9033
Enterprise Sales: 1.844.274.6106
Federal Service: 1.844.274.6106

Verizon Wireless Business Support

The wireless Business login account allows managing all types of Business Fios, Internet & Phone services. The business account allows to access varied services and features to seek support regarding Business login call at 1-877-596-7577 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

Features and Benefits of My Business for Wireless

The My business account offers the following benefits to customers.
  • Customers can order and activate new devices online.
  • The login account enables to make online payments.
  • Customers can keep tabs on data usage.
  • Users are empowered to manage multiple accounts, set payment options, with one user ID.
  • Monitor TV controls and permissions.
  • Pay bill online and set up auto pay.
  • Change wireless user information or billing address.
  • Change wireless number and set call forwarding.
  • Track order status.

Verizon Wireless Bill Pay Service Support

Verizon Wireless Bill pay login allows customers to make online payments for monthly bills. The Verizon service provider allows choosing among the various payment methods and also tracking the online payments. Call at (800) 922-0204 to seek support regarding bill payments.

How to Pay Bills Online?

  1. Visit the Bill pay login page .
  2. Select an account and enter account information.
  3. Enter a "Zip code" and click on "Login".
  4. Choose among the payment option.
  5. Review the payment information and click "Submit".
  6. Confirm the payment and complete the online bill payment process.

Verizon Wireless Text Messages Service

The online login account allows customers to view text message history online. To check the text message online, follow the below instructions.
1. Visit the Verizon Login page and sign in to My Verizon.
2. From the My Verizon home page, navigate to "Account".
3. Select "More" and then "Text online".
4. Review the Terms and Conditions and click "Accept" to continue.

Featured Service of Verizon Wireless Account

The Verizon online account empowers to avail the below mentioned services.

Check Benefits of Verizon Wireless Login

By creating a login profile at Verizon Wireless customers can avail the below mentioned benefits.
  • Pay Verizon Bills: The login account allows to pay bills online by using the different payment methods.
  • Manage Account: Customers with login credentials can manage a personal account. The account allows to access the multiple services and programs.
  • Switch Plans: Clients can switch plans online by login into My Verizon account. Customers can also check the latest plans.
  • Check Usage: The online account access allows to check Usage of data and other plans.
  • Swap SIM Cards: Consumers are enabled to swab SIM cards and access multiple support channels.
  • Reset a Voicemail Password: The login access allows to reset a voice mail and also reset username.
  • View Order Status: The online access also allows to view the status of orders and track the order history.

How to Register for Verizon Wireless Account?

  1. Go to the Verizon Wireless Portal.
  2. Click on "Sign In" option at the home page.
  3. Select "Register" option under login.
  4. Check box the "Wireless" option and click "Continue".
  5. Enter 10-digit mobile number.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a User ID and Password.
  7. Confirm the login credentials and click "save" to complete the registration.

Verizon Wireless Support Chat

Verizon Wireless offers chat support for wireless home services and devices. Avail chat support by following the below steps.
  1. Visit the ""
  2. Click on "Support" option present at the top of page.
  3. Choose "Contact us" option from the support page.
  4. On contact us page click on "Sign In".
  5. Navigate to "Chat with us" on Sing In page.
  6. Type a query in text box of the chat window.
  7. Technical assistant will answer the query.

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