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https://www.palmettogba.com/ is the Railroad Medicare Provider portal offering access to eServices. The portal is used to apply for Medicare insurance benefits, file claims and enroll for Railroad workers benefits. Railroad Medicare is sponsored by the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) through providers. Railroad workers are eligible to receive Medicare insurance benefits like social security benefits.

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What is Railroad Medicare Provider Number?


What is Railroad Medicare Payer ID?

Railroad Medicare Payer ID number is a unique identifier for electronic claim submitters. Get the PDF file of Reference Guide for Railroad Medicare Claims to find Medicare Payer ID.

What is Railroad Medicare?

Railroad Medicare is a Hospital and Healthcare Insurance program designed for railroad workers and their families. Similar to Social Security benefits, the insurance program extends coverage to retired railroad workers and their families.

What are Railroad Medicare Insurance Benefits?

1. Expenses for inpatient care in hospitals are covered by Railroad Medicare insurance. The program also provides coverage for skilled nursing facilities.
2. Outpatient medical facilities, including transportation for doctor visits and home healthcare services, are included in the insurance program.
3. Diagnostic services such as laboratory tests, X-rays, and medical screenings are covered under this insurance program.
4. Prescription drug coverage is available for eligible railroad workers. The program also covers blood replacements and preventive services.
5. Coverage extends to retired railroad workers, their spouses, divorced spouses, surviving divorced spouses, widows/widowers, or dependent parents.

e-Services Offered by Railroad Medicare Provider Portal

Railroad Medicare Provider Portal offers access to multiple services and amenities. The services offered by Railroad Medicare Provider Portal include the following:

e-Claim Submissions

The portal is used to file Medicare insurance claims online and also empowers to track status of claims. The portal also provides information regarding eligibility criteria to apply for Railroad Workers insurance.

Financial Tools

Users can get access to numerous financial tools like payment floor Status and access to last three checks. The portal also enables a user to check overpayment details of insurance benefits.

Online Forms

The portal has e-forms for various services like First Level Appeal forms, Redetermination and Simple Claim Correction forms. Registered members can also submit forms online through the Provider Portal.

Registration and Login

The Railroad Medicare Provider Portal is being used by the members to register for online account. The registered members can Login and access various online resources.

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