Dewalt Service Center Milwaukee Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Dewalt service center is a distinguished establishment sanctioned by Dewalt. This service provider is suitably equipped to manufacture tools and equipment. Commitment is held by this service center to provide all necessary post-sale services and repair facilities across various divisions.
  • Power Tool Repairs

    Repair and part replacement for a multitude of power tools are offered by these certified service centers. These services are made accessible for an array of power tools including drill machines, cutters, trimmers, construction, woodwork, and metalwork tools.
  • Submission of Repair Requests

    Customers are empowered to submit a request for repair via a request form found at this link. The form must be duly completed, providing relevant details pertaining to the repair service for the product in need of attention.
  • Battery Replacement Services

    A diverse selection of batteries and chargers for Dewalt power tools are manufactured by these service centers. Customers have the option to request batteries covered under warranty benefits.
  • Support for Warranty Claims

    Dewalt tools fall under the protective umbrella of warranty benefits. Customers have the privilege of seeking complimentary repair and replacement for products within the warranty. To inquire about these warranty benefits, customers can place a call to 1-800-433-9258 during the hours of Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Product Assistance

    For assistance concerning products, sales inquiries, and repair services, an email can be directed to

Software Solutions by Dewalt Service Center Milwaukee Wisconsin

Software solutions for power tools and other intelligent equipment are extended by Dewalt. These software solutions are accessible exclusively through authorized service providers. Clients have the option to request installation and driver support services. The service provider delivers the "Tool Connect" software, which facilitates the assignment, tracking, locating, and auditing of tools across various job sites, all within a centralized platform. Dewalt also provides the "Assign Design" software solution, enabling the modeling, optimization, and comparison of multiple anchoring solutions. Customers are empowered to access software support and request any necessary assistance they may require.

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