Harvard University Email Login - Portal Guide

Harvard University Email Login

Harvard University Email Login is a portal for the students and parents through which all online resources and tools of the University can be accessed. Students and faculty members can use Office 365 for using all HarvardKey credentials. If there is any issue or error with login or other account related, call at 617-495-7777 or email at ithelp@harvard.edu.

Harvard Outlook Email Login

To get access to Harvard University Email Login , follow the given path. For questions and queries about the technical issues and concerns, contact at 617-432-2000 or 617-495-7777 in between the given hours Monday - Friday:7:30AM-6:00PM, Saturday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM and Sunday: 12:00PM-4:00PM.

Harvard University Faculty Email Addresses/Directory

Students and alumni can find out the email address of faculty or staff member through the online directory of the University by entering name and tap the option of "search". To get help about the administrative offices of the University, go through the given directory mentioned at the path. For more help about faculty emails and phone numbers, follow the table:

Harvard University Faculty and StaffEmail AddressesPhone Numbers
Director of Admissionsselma_abdul@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.3414
Senior Finance Coordinatormichelle_ajodah@gse.harvard.edu 617.384.7265
Audio Visual Technology Infrastructure Specialistjared_ambrose@gse.harvard.edu 617.496.2251
Applications Support Engineerchelvi_anandakugan@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.8901
Analyst and Database Administratornduka_azubuike@gse.harvard.edu 617.496.6041
Instructor in Educationsophie_barnes@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.8028
Student Affairskevin_boehm@gse.harvard.edu 617.384.7490
Financial Administratoralyssa_boudreau@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.3493
Development and Alumni Relationsjoshua_butts@gse.harvard.edu 617.496.2301
Faculty Assistantreginald_cheatham@gse.harvard.edu 617.496.2535
Strategic Partnershipskeith_collar@gse.harvard.edu 617.384.7994
Director for Master's Studiestycie_coppett@gse.harvard.edu 617.496.4645
Human Resources Coordinatorcynthia_deburgo@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.3471
Student Academic Services & Learning Designning_zou@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.1465
Postdoctoral Fellow in Educationdanila_zidovsky@gse.harvard.eduNA
Learning Designerglamanuzzi@gse.harvard.eduNA
Lecturer on Educationwilliam_wisser@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.3182
Digital Content Management Librarianlindsay_whitacre@gse.harvard.edu 617.495.3542
Social Media and Digital Communications Specialistmaya_wesby@gse.harvard.eduNA

HarvardKey Login

HarvardKey Login is a credential by the Harvard University. This credential helps registered users to get access all IT applications and online services on everyday. Through HarvardKey Login portal, students, staff and alumni can avail access to the following services:
  • Claim HarvardKey: If the user is new, they can claim for the HarvardKey account easily via the same portal.
  • Manage Account & Services: Users can manage their accounts and other Harvard services and facilities through the HarvardKey Login . Users can activate the steps of verification, passwords, emails and other online features of the account.
  • Recover/reset Password/User Name: Through login portal, users can easily recover or reset their passwords or login names or ID's.
  • Login/Logout Issues: Through the portal of HrvardKey, users can avail assistance regarding all technical issues and errors by making a call at 617-495-7777 or email at ithelp@harvard.edu.

Harvard University Employee Credit Union Login

Harvard University Employee Credit Union login is a portal for the employees in order to avail access online banking services operated by the HUECU(Harvard University Employees Credit Union). HUECU is a banking division of the University addressed in Boston and Cambridge areas. Through the Harvard University Credit Union login portal, employees of the University are able to use all features of online banking. For support, contact at:
Mailing Address: PO Box 382609, Cambridge, MA 02238-2609
Login Support: 617-495-4460
Email: huecu@harvard.edu (Do not share your Social Security number or account numbers)
Credit Card Help (24/7): (866) 820-6815
Debit Card Help (24/7): (888) 918-7808
Support Center Hours: Monday - Wednesday & Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Harvard University Extension School Login

Students of Harvard DCE(Division of Continuing Education) can avail access to MyDCE student account through the given path. Students can avail access to all student services and facilities through the login portal of MyDCE student. Students can update their account information, check academic courses, degree progress, apply financial aids and scholarships. For assistance, contact the concerned department at:
  • MyDCE Student Portal/Login Assistance: (617) 495-4024 / inquiry@extension.harvard.edu
  • Support Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm ET
  • Online Support Office (for Video and Web-conference Issues and Other Computer/software Troubleshooting): (617) 998-8571 /academictechnology@dce.harvard.edu
  • Online Support Office Timings: Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 11 pm, Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Harvard University Information Technology HUIT (HarvardKey): (617) 495-7777

Harvard University Online Courses Login

Harvard University Online Courses Login is a service portal for the students of Harvard Business School(HBS) through which they can avail access to all online courses. Through the login, students and faculty members can review the course catalogues, admission fees, application forms, payment plans and other course related information. Moreover, students of the school can manage their accounts through the given portal. For portal support, contact at:
Address: Harvard Business School Online, Soldiers Field, Boston, MA 02163
Email Support: hbsonlinesupport@hbs.edu

Harvard University Edx Login

Harvard University Edx Login is a resource tool for the students that provides access to all free courses. Through the portal, applicants can get access to over than 1999 free online learning programs and courses. Over than 139 institutes are affiliated with the Harvard University Edx that offers registered free online courses with certification. To enroll or review free courses, students need to follow the given path or contact at:
Login Assistance: info@edx.org

Harvard University Application Login

Harvard University Application Login is a platform for the student through which students can apply for admissions, financial aids and scholarships. Through the portal, students can check the courses or programs of Harvard. For assistance and questions, contact at
Admissions Office: 617-495-1551
Support Portal: 617-495-8821

Harvard University Student Portal Login

Harvard University Student Portal Login is a service access tool for the student services and programs. Students can use this portal for upgrade their account information, billing and payments, tuition and fee schedules, degree progress and other campus facilities. For more support and questions, contact at:
Login assistance: 617-495-7777
Hours: Monday - Friday:7:30AM - 6:00PM
Saturday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Harvard University Alumni Login

Harvard University Alumni Login is a portal for the individuals who have completed their degrees. Through the portal, alumni can get access to their degrees and other learning programs and facilities of the Campus. For help, contact IT department at:
Email: ithelp@harvard.edu
Login Support: (617) 495-7777
HAA ID and Recovery Email: haa_alumnihelp@harvard.edu / (617) 496-0559

Harvard University Jobs Login

Harvard University Jobs Login is a service portal for the existing employees of Harvard University through which they can avail early access to the available jobs or positions. Employees can use their HarvardKey account for applying interested positions like administrative jobs and other internal vacancies. External candidates can review the list of vacancies through the careers page of the University or can reach out to Talent Acquisition and Diversity via an email at employment@harvard.edu or HHRWebmaster@harvard.edu. For access support or queries, internal candidates(employees) can contact at (617) 495-7777 or email at ithelp@harvard.edu.

FAS.Harvard.Edu Email

FAS.Harvard.Edu Email is a service portal for the students and alumni of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. To attain access to the service portal, students and alumni can use their HarvardKey username and password. Through the email login, students can manage their account, update personal details, review degree progress, academic records and other student services. For account related inquiries and questions, contact at 617-495-7777 or email at ithelp@harvard.edu

Harvard University Admissions Email Address

  • Admissions Office of Undergraduate Education: oue@fas.harvard.edu/ 617-495-0450
  • Harvard College Admissions Office: adm-tran@fas.harvard.edu/ 617-495-1551
  • Harvard Divinity School: admissions@hds.harvard.edu/ 617.495.5796
  • Graduate School of Arts & Sciences: admiss@fas.harvard.edu / 617-496-6100
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design: dean@gsd.harvard.edu/ 617-495-4364
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education: gseadmissions@harvard.edu/ 617-495-3414
  • Harvard Kennedy School Admissions: admissions@hks.harvard.edu/ 617-495-1155
  • Harvard Law School: jdadmiss@law.harvard.edu/ 617-495-3179

Harvard University Email Signature

Harvard University offer Email Signatures for the use of faculty and other employees. These Standard Email Signatures help you to get a professional identity, in sharing your details through emails to recipients. The university provides these email signatures in a unique style and format. To know more about the Standard Email Signatures and their formats or creation, go through the path.

Harvard University President Email

President Office Location: Office of the President, Harvard University, Massachusetts Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
President Office Contact: (617) 495-1502
Fax: (617) 495-8550
President Office Email: president@harvard.edu

SharePoint Harvard University

SharePoint Harvard University is also known by Microsoft 365 SharePoint and is used by the students, faculty, workgroups and other staff for storing, sharing, and accessing information to all devices. The storages ranges from 25 TBs up to Level 3 data per site. For Level 4 data, applicants need to request as restrictions are applied. For more assistance, regarding the SharePoint, reach out to the IT department of University via a call at 617-495-7777 or send an email at ithelp@harvard.edu.

BWH.Harvard.Edu Email Login

BWH.Harvard.Edu Email Login is a secure online tool for the patients provided by Brigham and Women's Hospital. Through the portal, patients can avail access to most of the online services and facilities of the healthcare. The login portal acts as a gateway for the patient services including:
  • Patients can review their test reports.
  • Schedule appointments or communicate with their health specialists.
  • Cancel, reschedule or confirm their appointments.
  • Ask for the renewal or refills of prescriptions.
  • Review their visit summary.li>
  • Avail bills and make payment online.
  • Review health records and many more.
For inquiries and technical support about the gateway, contact at 800-745-9683

Harvard University Canvas Login

Harvard Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that is used by all associated schools and colleges of Harvard University developed by the Infrastructure. The system is helpful for the teachers in providing tools for courses. To avail access to all online features and uses of the LMS or Harvard Canvas , follow the given path. The main features and uses or benefits of Harvard Canvas include:

  • Harvard Canvas offers tools of learning and teaching like content management (links, files and library integration), learning analytics, forums, blogs, speedgrader and interactive assessments.
  • Helps in publishing videos automatically through Mediasite(a course capture software
    Integration) works with the authentication of HarvardKey and Harvard Library services.
  • Having features of cloud-hosting and is used on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • In-person, online & chat support for technical issues and errors.
  • For more help or assistance, contact at 617-432-(4357) or email at helpdesk@hsph.harvard.edu in between Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

Harvard University Admissions

  • Admissions Office Address: Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Richard A. and SUSAn F. Smith Campus Center, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 350, Cambridge, MA 02138-3654
  • For General Inquiries: 617-495-1814 /gsas@fas.harvard.edu
  • Admissions Phone Number: 617-495-5315 / admiss@fas.harvard.edu
  • Office of Financial Aid: 617-495-5396 /gsasfinaid@fas.harvard.edu
  • Graduate School Alumni Association: 617-495-5591 / gsaa@fas.harvard.edu
  • GSAS Student Center: 617-495-2255
  • Special Students and Visiting Fellows Office: 617-495-5315 / special@fas.harvard.edu
  • Office of Residential Life: 617-495-5060 / gsasreslife@fas.harvard.edu / gsasconf@fas.harvard.edu
  • Student Affairs: 617-495-1814 / studaff@fas.harvard.edu
  • Students Services: 617-495-5005 / stuserv@fas.harvard.edu

Harvard University Phone Numbers

Harvard University Tuition & Fees

Harvard University Tuition costs might vary with the sessions or semesters. Students and parents can confirm the costs by making a personal visit to the main campus office or dial (617) 495-1000 .
Tuition & Fees$27,384
Online Ed.M. Student Budget$58,671
Rent, Utilities, & Food$24,251
Books & Supplies$490
Room & Board Costs$21,826
Books & Supplies$490
Personal Costs$4,335
Local Transportation Costs$1,415
Personal Costs$4,825
Federal Loan Fees$216
Health Insurance Fees$0

Harvard University Athletics

Office Address: 65 N Harvard St, Boston, MA 02163
Phone Number: (617) 495-3454
Harvard Athletic Ticket Office: 617-495-2211 / Harvtix@fas.harvard.edu

Staff Directory of Harvard Athletic

Harvard Athletic StaffContacts
Director of Athletics (617) 495-3633 /emcdermott@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Baseball (617) 495-2629 /wdecker@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men's Basketball (617) 495-4856 /harvardmbb@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Women’s Basketball (617) 495-2214 /carriemoore@fas.harvard.edu
FENCING - MEN'S AND WOMEN'S (617) 495-1991 /harvardfencing@fas.harvard.edu
FIELD HOCKEY (617) 495-5262 /TvanHerwaarden@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Football (617) 495-2207 /tmurphy@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Golf (781) 487-2510 /schernec@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men's Ice Hockey (617) 495-2281 /donato@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Women's Ice Hockeywhockey@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men’s Lacrosse (617) 496-9406 /mlax@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Women's Lacrosse (617) 495-3245 /devon_wills@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men's Heavyweight Crew (617) 495-7775 /csbutt@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men's Lightweight (617) 495-7775 /boyce@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Nordic Skiing (617) 384-9491 /city@fas.harvard.edu
Harvard Men's Soccer (617) 495-2183 /msoccer@fas.harvard.edu
Swimming & Diving (617) 495-1989 /morawski@fas.harvard.edu

Email Address of Harvard University

Instructional Support: instruct@fas.harvard.edu
Specific Allocations: elaskin@fas.harvard.edu / 617-384-5972
Section Allocation Tool: cwesson@fas.harvard.edu / 617-496-8516
Undergraduate Education: 617-495-0450 / oue@fas.harvard.edu

Harvard University Free Courses

Multiple free online courses are offered by the Harvard University including:
  • CS50's Introduction to Game Development
  • CS50 for Lawyers
  • CS50: Introduction to Computer Science
  • PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854
  • PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude
  • Systematic Approaches to Policy Design
  • Religion, Conflict and Peace
  • Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education
  • Resilient Leadership
  • PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies
  • Harvard Health - Back Pain
  • CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • 6-Week Plan For Healthy Eating
  • Culinary Health Education Fundamentals (CHEF) Coaching—The Basics
  • Controlling your Blood Pressure