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HTC Service Center Doha Qatar

HTC Doha Qatar is an authorized service center and retailer of HTC mobiles. Customers can visit the service center for shopping for new designs and versions of HTC mobile phones. The service center provides installation and downloading of mobile applications. The center is also involved with the cleaning, repairing, replacement, and maintenance of cell phone of HTC brand.

Contact HTC Doha Qatar Service Centre

Contact Us: Customers can Contact the mobile service center, go through the given link page.
Service Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm
Mobile Price In Lulu To ask for the mobile costs or prices, dial the below mentioned number or visit the Estore website for shopping and other queries.
Contact Number: Dial the given number for all kind of inquiries and support +974-44934904
Warranty Check: For Warranty related inquiries, customers need to follow the given link page
Head Office Email Address: To put forth your general questions and concerns to the headquaters, follow the given Email Us form or send at
Middle East Customer Service Live Chat: To start Chatting with the customer service representative of HTC, follow the given live chat link page.

Near Me Repair Locations

Express Service Al Watan Center
Al Wifaq St, Doha? Doha, Qatar
+974 6611 9222
Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM –10:30 PM, 3–10:30 PM

Consumer Quires to HTC Service Center Doha Qatar

Mr. LOK PRASADFeb 27, 2021
I need to change my HTC one x9 motherboard. I am in qatar kindly inform me where it is available.
Mr. ArunNov 25, 2019
I need replacement logic board or EMMC for My HTC one M9. Is it available.
Mr. RestySep 13, 2018
Replacement of battery for my HTC Sensation z710e. RestyAnaque 33548622
Mr. AjayJul 25, 2018
My name is Ajay. J

I need Htc one M9+ battery, kindly update price and availability.
Mr. SagarApr 06, 2018
Hiii my HTC 816 g screen touch not working. I need lcd if anyone have please call me 33813092.
Mr. REJAUL KARIMMar 17, 2018
Mr. Jinto c thomasFeb 18, 2018
I need HTC original headphone. And charger. My number 50149536.
Mr. kiranFeb 04, 2018
Mr. SakthivelJan 09, 2018
My name is Sakthivel. S, My contact number is 77631530 and My email

My phone is having battery problem and voice is not unable to heare. Please send your suggestion to clear above issue and send HTC serivse center contact details at the earlist.
Mr. AhmedJan 03, 2018
Dear, good day, I want to change HTC 626 battery, the current battery is finishing very fast. Where the location is please?
Mr. tryDec 30, 2017
Hi Sir. I have HTC ONE M7. I bought in qatar at 2013. I want to know where i can get and replace with new battery including service carge.
Mr. JohnnyDec 28, 2017
Dear HTC Team,

My HTC 728 screen damaged, are you do servicing or replacement? Any service center here in Doha, Qatar.
Mr. Anjo JoseDec 26, 2017
Hi Sir,

I have HTC ONE M7) mobile purchased from Qatar in 2013. I want to know the total cost for replace my battery (HTC ONE M7) including the service charge. My contact number is 66826843

Thanks and Regards
Mr. KareemDec 25, 2017
Sim card is not accepting in my HTC One M8. When i insert SIM card, it shows the symbol No SIM card. Mob: 33938242.
Mr. MuhammedDec 11, 2017
My new HTC m9+gold is not working back camera. Please solve my problem. Mob:30539023.
Mr. beneshDec 04, 2017
Subject: HTC 628 continues switched off. Already repaired one time before the warranty period. Again happens the same problem with in fifteen days. Battery is very worst. Wants to be replace my mobile. But they did not written me the bill after servicing.
Mr. KhaliqOct 29, 2017
I am trying to call your number, but no one responding could you please provide me the current working number by email in Doha location.
Mr. SudipSep 08, 2017
I have HTC728 mobile it's getting shutdown most of the time while playing video. Pls suggest me the solution. And address of Doha service center. My number Is 50124868
hisd1119@yahoo. Co. In
Thanks in advance.
Mr. AadilJul 19, 2017
Htc desire eye front camera disapeared. While turning into selfie mode camera just shut down and goes to the home screen. And i want to change my broken screen glass. 30706815.
Mr. midhilajJul 17, 2017
HTC Desire eye not working camera.
Mr. khushi ram chaudharyJun 28, 2017
Hear sir

Htc desire 728 phone have many problem perches farm 12 February 2017 qatar soping comlex markaiya
-you tube links https://youtu. Be/nlcfbvUrGJ4
sem problem ato restart not open #55828359.
Mr. khushi ram chaudharyJun 28, 2017
Hear sir

Htc desire 728 phone have many problem perches farm 12 February 2017 qatar soping comlex markaiya
-you tube links https://youtu. Be/nlcfbvUrGJ4
sem problem ato restart not open.
Mr. Aditya PuranikApr 17, 2017
Hello I am AdityaPuranik having HTC E9+ i purchased it from Qatar in the month of February of 2016 year i am suffering from problem of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity from March 2017 i mailed the same to India HTC, but they are refuse to fix the problem in Indian HTC service centers as my phone is out of India purchased and advised me to go any local service provider i done the same, but local service provider told me thate there is a ic problem of wifi and Bluetooth and we have to change the whole motherboard, but he is not getting HTC E9+ motherboard from anywhere in India so my question is to you that can i order HTC E9+ motherboard online from qatar to India.
Mr. suneelMar 03, 2017

I have broke my M9 plus screen, where can i fix it. Please advise. Call me # 55812725.
Mr. Rajeev R NairDec 21, 2016
My HTC Desire 820g screen broken. Please give me the price ? and location of the service center.
Mr. RIFAIDEENAug 04, 2015
My Htc desire model number Htc eva _utl this mobile mice not working please give me Doha service center number.
Mr. ChristopherJan 17, 2015
My HTC desire 816 new one month old doesn't turn on, only black screen.
Mr. Kasi NaiduJan 09, 2015
I bought HTC desire 816 on last 20th Dec. But today mobile display got damaged. I want to change that display, please tell me price of display.
Mr. Bala SundharamJan 09, 2015
I have a Problem with battery, suddenly it drop down from 100% to 60%. I do not have this problem before, and now it is getting drain faster. Its is HTC Mini 2.
Mr. Sudheesh ParameswaranJan 03, 2015
I have HTC one mini. Its broken at top speaker side and also On/Off button not working prperly. I need to change full panel.
Mr. Mohammedu Safuwan Mohammed ShihadDec 20, 2014
I bought HTC 816 desire just ten days before. I'm facing problem with camera - it's not clear,
calls are disconnecting very often. It shows sometime in the screen as limited service.
Mr. Bg MarouanDec 19, 2014
The screen of my HTC ONE X is broken. How much does cost his reparation ? Thanks in advance.
Ms. Ms. JocelynDec 12, 2014
Can somebody help me my HTC one sv is shutting down most of the time. And just yesterday is much worst on and off. I see most of the time is the logo of HTC when you open the phone. I am here in Qatar does anybody know what to my phone and when in Qatar can I send this to check on it.
Mr. Shashikant MiskeenDec 05, 2014
I bought HTC desire 816 from Safari Mall Doha Qatar, but i observer there is dot point in camera i think the black dot it inside the lance so i need service and i visit safari mall, but i saw that shop is closed by gov of Qatar in volitional so please advice me how to get service my cell phone still in warranty.
Mr. Mobish MohananDec 04, 2014
I broke the display of my HTC one XL. Could you tell me the cost for replacing the display. And tell me the center where is located.
Mr. ThoufeeqDec 02, 2014
My HTC one7 silver color, Display is cracked, but still it is working. I want to change front display. Touch and all things are worked.
Mr. Sanyo XavierNov 27, 2014
HTC - one - M7 -Dear sir, I am having a HTC one beats audio, hand set and its hearing volume is too weak.
Mr. JobertNov 24, 2014
I would like to ask that i have been experiencing turning it on on my HTC one M7. I try to connect to my laptop to get the photos, but unfortunately i did not get the photos from my phone i try to charge it, but it totally went off. What would it be the problem also is there any service center here in al wakrah? and how much would it cost me. Thanks.
Mr. Jijas JabbarNov 23, 2014
I am a HTC customer. I am very disappointed with HTC one 8
IMEI number 357871053017649. My phone display has damaged and i have given for repair, As there is a small scratch in one corner they have rejected my phone from warranty, This is the fist time in my life such an incident. I am using mobile phones from last nine years, my fist phone was Nokia they have good service and they have satisfied me until android came. Then i started using Samsung then from Samsung s to s3, s4, latest s5 and iPhone six, HTC 816. This m8 i bought to gift my brother on his birthday last two months before. My s4 once get internally burned while charging it was an year before. They have service my phone and replaced my phone motherboard. I was happy with Samsung and Nokia, But not with i phone. Actually i was happy with the phone and i personally recumbent to my friends and family. But now i am little Disappointed. I hope HTC will solve my issue. With Lot of hope in HTC.
Mr. Asad AamirNov 19, 2014
I have HTC desire 816. Its speakers are not working properly suddenly it stopped to produce sound i am receiving calls, but no sound when i restarted it fro two to three times them sound came, but again after two days sound decreased very low hard to to notice if i am receiving call, music or notification. But same if i will restart two to three times it works, but this problem is still continued. Please suggest what to do.
Mr. Muhammed AshrafNov 13, 2014
I have a HTC handset m8 mini 2. I have a problem on my handset, handset volume is very low also ringtone volume. I can not hear ringtone so that I can not answer calls on proper Times. Kindly inform the solution for this problem
Thanks and regards.
Mr. JeromeNov 10, 2014
My new HTC desire 610 boom sound has some problem and even is not getting the ring tone also. What is the solution for it.
Mr. Arnel CaballeroNov 05, 2014
Good day. I have HTC One M7 phone. If I open the camera in a dark area, or even a bit dark area only, the background will come in pink color. The picture result is foggy and pink. I tried to explore the settings and other options, but still not working.
Mr. Derrick Afflade RainOct 31, 2014
I got my HTC One from Germany through my friend, but ever since it got here, my mobile data hasn't been working. My friend told me it was working in Germany. Where or who can fix this for me? Please contact me on 66445994. Thanks.
Mr. Edgar GatusOct 30, 2014
I can't open my HTC one, last night i charged it around 9:3 0pm. When i woke around 5:30 AM my mobile is blinking, then i turn it off. Then i tried to open it again it cannot open anymore.
Mr. Jubil GeorgeOct 30, 2014
I had bought an HTC one dual SIM phone from India last October. Camera is getting pink tint when i use it in dark places. Picture is not seen. Where i can solve this problem? Please advice me.
Mr. Allan AngelesOct 27, 2014
Dear sir,

I am using an HTC one m7 for two months and suddenly there was a part on the screen that does not accept touch command. Even when i tried to draw lines with it using the HTC function test. I have the complete box including the warranty sticker with bar code. I appreciate any kind of help you can offer.

Thank you.
Mr. HarharanOct 20, 2014
My mobile headphone slot is had some problem. I need to repair it. How can i fix it back?
Mr. HaroonOct 14, 2014
Hi, i have purchased my HTC sensation XE from India and it was working good but when i came in Qatar and insert new Vodafone SIM then its WiFi stop work and IP address shows unavailable. But when i insert Indian SIM its WiFi is working.
Mr. MushtaqueOct 14, 2014
Dear sir
I have HTC mobile and it fell in water. kindly i need your help,
Can you guide what i should do and where i should bring for service.
I am from Abu Hamour area.
Mr. Ahil AngeloseOct 11, 2014
I am having HTC mobile model HTC one v, now its not working. I need to service my mobile. I am staying in qatar i need to know the location of service center in doha qatar.
Mr. BiluOct 06, 2014
I broke the display of my HTC one. Could you tell me the cost for replacing the display.
Mr. SatheeskumarOct 06, 2014
Hi, i need HTC battery purchased and how much the prize and which place available.
Mr. Rony SusantoOct 04, 2014
Is it possible to unroot my HTC one. It was root my HTC one now and i want to go back to original one (unroot).
Thank you in advance and waiting for your kind reply.
Mr. MaheshOct 02, 2014
I have brand new HTC one m8 15 days old. It fell from my hand, It got damaged and it's not getting on any solution. Please do i get replacement by paying some money are do i Want to give it for repair.
Ms. Coral GordonSep 28, 2014
Hello, please could you help me.
I have a HTC sensation 2710e bought in spain. For the past four weeks i am unable to get connected to wifi internet. I have tried everything even factory reset my phone three times. It is driving me crazy. The phone shows wifi available but it will not connect. Can you help.
Mr. Kishan BahadurSep 27, 2014
Automatic broken body i do not what happened that phone so please arrange HTC body i want HTC one mini body.
Mr. Afsal MkSep 23, 2014
I am having a problem that, Whenever i attends a call the phone automatically turns the loudspeaker on.
Is there any solution for this.
Mr. Thomas JobinSep 15, 2014
I have a problem with my HTC desire 816, when i receiving incoming calls within ten seconds it will disconnect automatically. I noticed when the device is lock screen within ten seconds it will disconnect automatically, in unlock screen has no problem.
Mr. Abrahham ThomasSep 15, 2014
Please let me know below listed battery is available in stock.
Model bb96100, rating: 3. 7vdc 1300mah, 4. 81whr
Part number given on battery is 35h00134-09m
If available, let me know the price and your working hours to collect it.
Mr. Noufal SadathSep 14, 2014
My HTC one mini screen is crashed but touch and everything is working fine in last three month. Yesterday camera is not working both front and back also.
Can you give me a solution, from where i can clear this? how much it will come the cost?
Please reply me as soon as possible.
Mr. Muhammad UsmanSep 14, 2014
I purchased HTC desire 816 two months ago. Now i am facing problem of boom sound in the set. Sometimes it working ok and sometimes not working. Please help me regarding that problem.
Mr. S.j.sayed MohamedSep 11, 2014
My HTC one m7 one year old suddenly gone dead. Its not recharging or getting switched on.
I am staying in qatar. The product was purchased from India last August 2013.
Where can i find a HTC service center in doha qatar.
Mr. Kelvin Mathew PhilipSep 09, 2014
Dear Sir/Mam,
I would like to inform you that i am having HTC one and i am being using it since July 2012. Today morning my phone got updated to 4.4.3. After updating the phone was restarted automatically. Then an error message came as
'sorry HTC blinkfeed has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to send an error report to htc? this will help us improve our products' and asking do not send and send report. I clicked send report and still almost two hours now still the same error popping up.
Please advise me.
Mr. Kamil MohammedSep 04, 2014
Dear Sir,
Long time i am trying to repair my HTC sens phone display and volume key. Please advice me where to contact and how can i do, it was before under warranty and now its finished. Due to luck of poor find out the place of repair centre.
My number 70358701.
Mr. AneezAug 31, 2014
Dear sir

i have HTC one x+. One year before buying. So now display is not working. One day switch on the mobile suddenly not working display. Please help me. I do not
Know service center in qatar.
Mr. Sanal P BhaskaranAug 19, 2014
My name is sanal. Now i am using HTC one x plus mobile. one month ago my mobile was fall down on the road and panel glass was broken. Display no problem even touch also working normal. So i want change my mobile panel. Let me know is it possible to change. And i would like know how much is the price for changing panel.
Mr. Abdul Aziz KhanAug 12, 2014
Htc one mini two having sound problem during playing music
Volume reduced by itslef ringtone volume as well. After restarting the phone this problem solve for few hours then again it commimg.
Mr. YuvarajAug 12, 2014
My new HTC one mini two mobile screen broken will it cover in warranty, please reply if not how much does it cost and how much required.
Mr. Raghu KumarAug 10, 2014
I have recently bought a handset "htc desire 616" from lulu hyper market.
Now, since a couple of days, i can hear a vibration in the speaker and i doubt there is something wrong with the speaker. When the phone is connected with ear piece, there is no problem but on mic the noise comes. Can you please advise me what to do?

I was recommended by few of our colleagues to go for HTC phone and i was glad too. In fact i wanted to recommend it for others too and had a plan to buy another model for my family.

Also, tell me where can i get the accessories for this model, such as display protector and cover etc.
Mr. Abdul Ahad AlthafAug 07, 2014
I have an HTC one(m7) international version. Was trying to update my phone to 4. four kit kat version through pc! during the process i by mistakenly unchecked an option at the boot menu and the phone got bricked! please help me regain my phone back.
Mr. ShekharAug 05, 2014
Dear sir,
I have HTC mobile model "htc desire xc"
By mister my mobile is felt down on road and front glass is damage, touch screen is working but i want to replace my mobile damaged glass
Is it possible ?
Please reply if it is. And HTC service center landmark in city center doha.
Mr. Niaz Mohammad IsmailJul 23, 2014
I want to know if i could fix a problem with my HTC one m7 camera, it shows a pinkish glare while taking pictures.
Please let me know if this problem could be fixed.
Call me on 55252720 Qatar.
Mr. Hamed RashidJul 08, 2014
Dear sir, I have a HTC one mini and it has been locked due to too many pattern attempts. I have also forgotten the email ID which i used on the phone. Is there any thing i can do to unlock the phone.
Mr. Ram Narayan AsareyJul 07, 2014
I have bought a HTC -desire 816 mobile. I have problem in operating. Auto lock does not unlock so i can not use that mobile.
Kindly assist me as soon as possible.
Mr. Ram Narayan AsareyJul 07, 2014
Myself RAM narayan from mansoura. I have purchased one HTC desire 816 mobile by 1599 qr on one week before but now i have problem in mobile for operating. That problem is i can not open the mobile for operation. It seems like hanging operation of that mobile.
So i would like to request you kindly assist me as soon possible.
With best regards.
Ms. Mohamed MansoorJun 21, 2014
Sir am mohamed mansoor from tcc my mobile HTC one this a mobile have a one problem heat set not support please i want your help.
Mr. Pratheep KumarJun 20, 2014
I need to buy desire 816 4g but there is no stock in safari mall. So please arrange sufficient stock immediately.
Mr. Abdul RafeequeJun 16, 2014
I bought HTC desire 816 on last 20th may. That is dual SIM mobil. From the begning, if i am calling from slot one number, call disconnects while talking after one or two minutes. It is not all the time, then i changed SIM one to SIM 2. From slot two i can talk without any disturbance. Beginning i felt may be due to some application, then i restore the phone and used. The same problem. It makes me and the other person too irritating. I am using both SIM of Vodafone operator. Please suggest me a solution, earliest.
Mr. Emmanuel BambaJun 07, 2014

I have problem in connecting my newly bought HTC desire 816 to my computer. I bought this unit 22 may 2014 at lulu. On may 27 i successfuly downloaded some songs from my computer and transferred to my HTC desire 816. But two days ago my computer cannot detect whenever i connected my mobile, that is why i cannot transfer my newly downloaded music file. Tonight, i even successfuly installed in my computer HTC sync manager but at the bottom message 'no phone connected', even though my mobile is connected to a USB slot. Please help.
Mr. N.h.ummer KoyaJun 02, 2014
Dear sir,
I am having a HTC one beats audio, hand set and its hearing volume is too weak and the another problem is its wifi signal is very weak even i keep the handset very near to the wifi equipment, please advise me how can i boost the wifi signal and hearing volume also.

Thanks and regards
Omar koya

Email : omarkoyanh@gmail. Com .
Mr. sameeNov 05, 2013
there is a big prob with my set
it is restart or reboot after some time
and day by day restarting increase
i have factory reset but not ok until same situation.
Mr. John RhayOct 12, 2013
I just purchased a HTC jetstream but wifi is not connecting only keeeps on scanning and all networks are not in range after i enter the password.
Mr. SarunSep 17, 2013
Not a pblm can i get HTC desire 600 cover IN QATAR
Mr. RonaldSep 04, 2013
LCD damage on HTC Z710E model. how much the cost I am going to pay for this? and i need also a spare battery and how much the prize for the battery?