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HTC Service Center Jeddah

966 9200 09977
Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd, Shoula Center? Jeddah 23332, Saudi Arabia

Hours: Monday to Thursday between 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Contact Us: Avail assistance via the Contact Us channel available on the official web portal.

Location: Search for a near store in your cities by visting the official Support Page.

The Top Repair Service Centers

Service CenterLocationPhone
HTC Group3058 An Nuzhah, Al Khalidiyah District,
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
966 59 617 2152
Service Center Makkah RoadKilo-5, Next to Toyota, Jamiah dist
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia
966 9200 09977
Axiom Telecom Ar Rakah Al Janubiyah
Al Khobar 34227, Saudi Arabia
Alhadaad Service Center Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Rd,
Shoula Center Jeddah 23332, Saudi Arabia
966 9200 09977

Consumer Quires to HTC Service Center Jeddah

Mr. WaqasOct 13, 2019
I would like to bring your attention. I bought HTC-u12+ LTE mobile from Extra store. In my some software and camera problem. I went Extra store for repair my mobile,, but he said I am only responsible for seven day after seven day axiom telecom service centers repair your mobile,, but axiom telecom tell me for this model we do not have warranty. Please solve my problem I will be thankful for this. With Regards.
Mr. Enamul KobirSep 05, 2019
I have tried just every option. I clicked on every item and they all lead me back to the orginal screen. I Just do not know what to do. I really can, t afford loss my phone. Why did happen

my details phone
model 820 desire.
Mr. MoinOct 23, 2018

I would like to bring your attention. I bought HTC-DESIRE 628 LTE mobile from Extra store Madinah. In my some heating problem. I went Extra store for repair my mobile, but he said I am only responsible for seven day after seven day axiom telecom service centers repair your mobile, but axiom telecom tell me for this model we do not have warranty. Please solve my problem I will be thankful for this. With Regards


Mr. Anvar KOct 02, 2018
I had a HTC Desire 728 dual SIM. It frequently shut down while battery level reaches below 90. Is there any solution.
Mr. HassanSep 18, 2018
I have HTC E8, screen came little bit out from left side, but phone is still working perfect. I just want to fix this issue. 0565432507.
Mr. Alex CaliangaAug 25, 2018
I would like to ask if you have a battery replacement of my HTC one E9+ mobile phone? I live here in Khamis Mushayt assir region. Where can I buy, or I want to order it from your store.
Mr. fayaz ahmadMay 02, 2018
Mobile Number 0545388287 Email ID fayaz., mobile model HTC desire 828, mobile is not showing power switched off.
Mr. V.P. IBRAHIMMay 01, 2018
My HTC phone touch screen not working properly.
Mr. farooqMar 14, 2018
My mob# 00966504704215. Email - khan., my phone is not running model number HTC desire 820. Its not show power it has switched off.
Mr. Adil hussainFeb 26, 2018
I have HTC desire 650 dual SIM. The water has gone in the screen and spoiled the screen and touch. So, i want to replace this screen with the new screen of same model. How can i get the screen. I live in makkah. Is there any HTC shop in makkah, jeddah or in KSA from where i can get it replaced.
Mr. HaroldDec 31, 2017
Good morning HTC service center,

I would like to inquire regarding my HTC m9. My problem is the battery is very poor and if you re charged the phone to much time to full charged and if you used the phone in few minutes low battery. Could l replace the battery? Hoping for your reply. My mobile is 0558373728. Thank you.
Mr. INAM ULLAHOct 28, 2017
Dear HTC service centre

my HTC 626 dual SIM screen broken and need to replace screen
please guide with replacement process as below

cost of replacement
lead time of replacement
location (Google map)
Contact person if any. Many thanks. Inam.
Mr. Amir Zad KhanOct 15, 2017
Dear Services Manager,

My HTC-M-9 SIM slut has been broken which require replacement. Both out side and inside jackets. How can i get these in Jeddah
My contact# 059-025-7818.
Mr. AhmedSep 28, 2017
I have HTC m10 device finger print it's not showing in menu of the setting of the mobile so I'm looking for suliotion for this issue please i need your help. Thanks.
Mr. ranjithAug 28, 2017
I want HTC one mini battery please request
and covers please sir. Answer me.
Mr. Noushad ChelakkadJun 21, 2017
HTC am 8. Camera Rear Not working.
Mr. shafat ahmadMay 29, 2017
One of the worst phone I have ever use in my life after buy the HTC 728 two times I submit the phone in service center. I strongly recommend never ever buy this shit mobile. Use Samsung it's best.
Mr. Abdul RasheedMay 14, 2017
When I receive call in speaker phone mode, my voice not hearing to the caller. My modl HTC One X9.
Mr. Shahid IqbalApr 20, 2017
Alsalaam street, madinah munawarah
My HTC one M7, s screen hase been damafed so for i want to replace that.
Mr. ARUN DASAug 02, 2015
I bought htc one m8 dual sim on December after two months my display was gone. so i contacted the htc service center Haddad in Jeddah. after ten days i received and the problem was fixed. after that i notice i am having a difficulty while typing, the letter (a) i have to press hard. and in the main screen when i try to open something the same area (its on the left bottom corner) i am experiencing the same problem, and today when i try to take a picture, my camera is not working. when i click on the cam its try to open, then a message appear" unable to open camera". i am totally disappointed with this mobile.
Mr. mohammed farhan mahroofMar 22, 2015
Dear sir/madam,
This is to inform you that i have been using HTC mobile from last December 2014. Now, the problem is headset of HTC is not working unfortunately. I have experienced and enjoyed with boom sound a lot. The request of mine is to replace headset of htc
so, you are kindly requested to place me a e-mail about your new location in jeddah and the other information as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your great response soon. Thankyou,
Mr. Jonathan FabrosJan 11, 2015
My HTC ONE won't switch on. I tried to reset it, but nothing happened. I did all procedures i found in the internet, but still failed to switch on. My last resort now is to visit the service center, but the shop in Palestine is already closed. Where is now the location of Htc Jeddah Service Center?
Mr. Mohammed AnisJan 06, 2015
Please advise,
Due to some touch problem in HTC one, return back to vendor Al-Haddadh, located at Royal Commission Jubail. Now it is almost 40 days, they keep on postponing the date to following week. Could you please tell me when i can get back my mobile.
Mr. HussainDec 29, 2014
I am using the mobile HTC desire 816 duel SIM. For few days my phone is performing as it before, problem is some times the mobile loud speaker is not working, mean when I am playing songs and while watching videos. It's becoming very serious problem, when some times I can not hear ring tones, alarm and messages etc. Also there are other problems are as well like, since the phone is a dual SIM and i am using dua SIM on this phone, but it is very slow to make a call and to access contacts. I do not understand what's the problem with it. We do not have any HTC outlets or service centers near is to my accommodation or work place. I chose this mobile with a good impression on the brand and with good feedbacks from my friends, i think you can understand what is my feelings now with this mobile. If you need more information on this trouble am facing, please contact me 00966560599683 this is my mobile number.
Mr. Favas K.pDec 20, 2014
I am using HTC one mobile, and my mobile camera is not working good. It's giving picture with blue shade and also the camera screen was blinking.
Mr. Hassan FaizDec 09, 2014
Dear Sir/madam

I was three month before bought HTC modal number 610, 4GB, but now days we are facing problem in the secondary Speaker. I do not know how happened it. Can you give better suggestion. (Located nearest HTC service center in Jeddah.
Mr. SalimDec 03, 2014
I am using HTC Incredible mobile since a 18 months. Last two months the camera has completely not working others all are working properly. Any solution please advise.
Mr. Dinesh RaoDec 02, 2014
I am using HTC desire 816 from last five month. There are in problem ring tone, music, camera zooming , etc i was sent my mobile gizan service(al hadad) center four time, but yet has not solved my problems. What i can do? Please reply me.
Mr. NizamudeenDec 01, 2014
I have HTC One. Now the problem is camera is pink colour, poor quality picture. So what to do any solution.
Mr. Tamim AhmedDec 01, 2014
Please respond,
Kindly assist as there is a problem with my camera while taking pictures in the night. There is a purple layers during the night which makes it impossible to take pictures. As per the latest update this should have been rectified, but it is still pending. The attached pic was taken last night. NO one answers the calls on 26743535

Awaiting your quick response.
Mr. Tameem AhmedDec 01, 2014
Hello Team,
Kindly assist as there is a problem with my camera while taking pictures in the night. There is a purple layers during the night which makes it impossible to take pictures. As per the latest update this should have been rectified, but it is still pending. The attached picture was taken last night. NO one answers the calls on 26743535
Awaiting your quick response.
Mr. Zia Ur RahmanNov 26, 2014
I bought HTC One Mini2 from Jarir Book store Last month, it got stuck and then got off while i was searching for whatsapp videos in gallery. Remind you my battery was full while i was operating the phone, I tried holding volume button down with power button, but nothing working. Please advice what to do.
Mr. Aquib NachanNov 21, 2014
Hello sir,
I am using HTC ONE m8 from last few month, but last week or so suddenly it is showing "no SIM card" in it, i tried to fix it by reset the phone and by putting other SIM card in it, but its showing no SIM card. Please tell me how many days it will take to repair my phone?
Thanks and Regards.
Mr. Mohammed IliyazNov 19, 2014
Htc is cheating and conceiving innocent public. I will go to consumer court with all proofs if you did not sort out my problem. My mobile: 966505450822.
Mr. Mohammed IliyazNov 19, 2014
I had bought an HTC desire 310 mobile from jarir stores in Tahliya Jeddah. I found a internal software and it is getting auto shutdown. I went to the store for replacement and they refuse to replace instead they given me the address of HTC service center in Palasteen road in Jeddah i had gone ther, but it is close at 4pm and i go back again to 6pm and its closed and again the next day the same thing happened and the third day also repeated and i go back to store and handover the mobile ile and store told me to sort out problem. Till now almost 15days had been past, but still no response, today they told me they will repair the mobile and give it to me. Why should i take the damage mobile with full payment. Please solve my problem or i have to go to the consumer court with all proofs. My mobile number is 0505450822.
Mr. Allan RomanoNov 11, 2014
I have HTC desire 816 dual SIM phone. The one slot has damaged. Is it repairable? Please advice.
Mr. BineeshchandranNov 09, 2014
Dear sir
I am using desire 816. It is only seven days old one speaker. Sometimes, It is not working.
Mr. ManeshNov 08, 2014
I want to buy HTC one x SIM card slot. Is it available in your service centre ?
What price.
Mr. Irfan AnsariOct 22, 2014
Hi, i have a HTC one x. it's battery problem and glass broken. Does the company change it?
Mr. Fawas Ali ApOct 22, 2014
Dear sir/madam,

I have been using my HTC one since last one year and the problem i have encountered is phone suddently shut down and i cannot power on now and while charging there is no lights.
YasserOct 22, 2014
I want to make hard reset to HTC 610. I tried all ways, volume down with power button, volume up with power button and volume buttons with power button without any result. Please what is the correct way?
Mr. Mohammed NaeemOct 20, 2014
We need parts of Motorola brand radio items like rtu CPU power supply and others need location to purchase these items.
Mr. M.ahsan JavedOct 14, 2014
I have HTC one, I lost its display. Phone is working but not giving the display.
Mr. Allan RomanoOct 11, 2014
Dear Sir/Mam,
My 11 days old HTC desire 816 mobile shutdown suddenly and i can not switch it on anymore even though battery is charged please advice.
Mr. Suresh KumarOct 10, 2014
When tapping “htc syn manager” in the phone number any action in the phone and message appearing in PC as one of the USB device connected to PC is malfunctioned and not identified. Message in Phone is unable to connect to pc. Either you do not have the latest version of HTC sync manager installed in your pc, or another phone is already using internet pass-through on your pc. Please ensure that you have latest version of HTC sync manager and unplug any other phones from your pc. You can download HTC sync manager from http://www. Htc. Com/hsm/.
Mr. G M SaravananOct 05, 2014
Loudspeaker is not working in two days old HTC one m8 mini 2.
Mr. Mohammed SadiqOct 05, 2014
Dear Sir, my HTC one m7 is having camera problem and is giving purple tint in any photo or video particularly low light ones. This problem started after my last software update of kit kat 4.4. I am not sure whether my warranty is still valid or expired. If expired please. Help me how to solve this problem. If it needs service provide me the information on the subject and to solve the problem. The details of the service center location in jeddah. This problem started may after one 1/2 year of purchase.
Mr. Ray Martin MalolotSep 27, 2014
Dear Sir, How many days it takes to fix the phone? i left my phone in jarir's bookstore technical support on September 16, 2014 until now they didn't call me. They said the phone is still in htc. Please respond. Thank you.
Mr. RajendraSep 17, 2014
Dear HTC technical support team, i brought HTC one mobile staring of this year but my mobiles camera (main camera) is very bad since i buy its purple colour an picture not clear at all. Please help me how to resolve this problem. Thanks.
Mr. Waleed Ghulam HussainSep 17, 2014
I have HTC one x pulse device its screen brooked so i want to know what the price of the screen to change it. Its touch and screen working only upper glass brooked.
Mr. Nitol DasSep 16, 2014
I have purchased HTC desire 500 model mobile phone on 04 months back. I have the invoices. My mobile is giving trouble since last few days. My earphone and the charge for the mobile phone is not working. Also my mobile gets heated excessively during video call. Also battery got discharged very quickly.
Please advice for the necessary replacement.
Mr. Ray Martin MalolotSep 16, 2014
I bought HTC one m8 a days ago. Then after 15 days my camera lens has a lot of scratches i do not know why. My camera is blur now and my duo camera wont work. It always says that duo camera is block even i hold it properly.
Mr. Saif Hassan IsmailSep 10, 2014
i am trying hard to reach the costumer care in jeddah, i bought HTC phone tow months ago, the phone is not functioning well i need your help to contact me with the costumer service in ksa jeddah please.
With all meet respect to you.
Saif Ismail
Mr. Aristeo NievesSep 09, 2014
Dear Sir,
i have a complain regarding my HTC 816 model that i bought from jarir bookstore last aug. 27,2014 with serial number 352240065990174.
When i to use its rear camera last sep. 05,2014, it shutdown and not functioning.
I was surprise that for only nine days my new mobile
Already has a function defect or maybe a factory defect from htc.
I know HTC is a very good brand of mobile so i was really surprised for what happened.
I already send my mobile to jarir on that night sep. 05,2014 with order number 1464875.
Hope that my mobile will be replace by new one.
Thank you very much,
Aristeo Nieves.
Ms. HussainSep 07, 2014
Barely a month ago i got new HTC one m8 dual SIM. I use the key to open the slot to place the second SIM and now the slot got stuck and cannot be opened.
Kindly, help me out of this problem what to do and where to go.
Mr. Tameem AhmedSep 04, 2014
Hello Team,
Kindly assist as there is a problem with my camera while taking pictures in the night.
There is a purple layers during the night which makes it impossible to take pictures.
As per the latest update this should have been rectified but it is still pending.
The attached pic was taken last night.
Awaiting your quick response.
Mr. Ajeesh AnandSep 01, 2014
Hello Sir,
regarding my HTC wildfires touch screen is broken. Kindly send me the touch screen and service cost of that case.
Mr. Muhammad HassanAug 20, 2014
I need the lcd and touch of HTC 8x windows phone because my phone is broke urgent tell me where can i buy it.
Mr. Mohammed AzheruddinAug 10, 2014
Dear sir, i have HTC one mobile it has one problem some time its charging and some time not charging help me to rectify.
Azheruddin mohammed.
Mr. Shafeeque ChatholiJul 18, 2014
Dear technical team,

When i charge my seven days old HTC one mobile and charger getting too hot.

Is it a major issue?

Please advise.

Thank you.
Mr. Abins AliJul 08, 2014
Was broken display of my desire HD 500, so i want know about how cost for repairing.
Mr. Md Irfan KhanJun 30, 2014
Htc windows phone 8x replacement touch screen glass broken.
Mr. Armando BajamundiJun 29, 2014
I need a battery for my HTC evo 4g is it still available? please help me. Thanks +966532569734.
Mr. Mohammed Fareed KhanJun 23, 2014
Dear sir,
I have purchase HTC router but now a days is not working and other router is working is good.
I submit my HTC desire500 for fixing storage part malfunction and hanging issue on 29may but till not yet reported its ready or not.
Mr. Raheel AliJun 11, 2014
I have an HTC one purchased last year. It has developed some issue and restarting itself every few minutes. Also, it sometimes does not detect the SIM card.
Mr. Krishnakumar CheruparambathJun 11, 2014
I have bought HTC one m8 recently. If somebody call me, the caller can not hear my voice. But if i fix my head phone, the caller can hear my voice. This problem was not there in the beginning.

I have bought this phone through

Mr. Htc UserJun 10, 2014
I would like to replace my old battery with new battery for my HTC one x mobile, for this replace how much working days require. And also tell how much cost for this battery replacement.
Mr. Htc UserJun 10, 2014
I would like to replace my old battery with new battery for my HTC one x mobile, for this replace how much working days require.
Mr. Rudy Labto JrJun 08, 2014
I had a HTC hd7 and i need to fix and repair. I brought to the repair center here in jeddah but they told me they are not able to repair such HTC hd7 model. The same thing when i was in the philippines. They told me that they were not able to repair this kind of model. My question is you are globally operated why this repair center do not able to repair this kind of phones?should i travel to go to other country only to repair the phone i brought with your company.
Mr. hasan zafarNov 12, 2013
I have an HTC Desire X. Its outer frame (silver ring) is coming off, that's why its back cover is also getting loose. Can you get tit fixed? I live in Taif and can only come to jeddah on Saturday, if you are open. Otherwise, please let me know if you have a contact person in Taif. Regards,hasan. 0558848260.
Mr. jineesh kannoth parambathNov 07, 2013
I am using HTC one mobile last three months, today occurred a abnormal shutdown, i cannot switch on the phone. battery is full it is not the matter of battery down, what can i do. i try to switch it on, but i failed.