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The email address of Alamat Kodak Jakarta service center is
What is the Website of Alamat Kodak Jakarta Service Center is the official website of Alamat Kodak Jakarta
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+62 21 6331924 Contact number of Alamat Kodak Jakarta
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The Corporate Office Address of Alamat Kodak Jakarta Service Center is JL. KH Zainul Arifin, 13A, Jakarta, Indonesia

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PET Film Substrate Manufacturing
John Brennan
Polyester Films
(585) 477-3747
1669 Lake Avenue
Rochester NY 14652

Printed Circuit Board Products
Eastman Kodak Company - PCB Products
343 State Street
Rochester, NY

Solvent Recovery
Thomas A. Rutalis
Technical Manager
Kodak Solvent Recovery Services
(585) 722-4371 (office)

Aerial Imaging
Eastman Kodak Company - Aerial Imaging
1669 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14652-4755

In 1879, George Eastman decided to create a new company to provide imaging and photography products, and in 1888, George Eastman formed a new company, Eastman Kodak. It has headquarters in Rochester, NY, USA, and more than 13,000 employees are working in this group. Since Kodak's establishment in 1888, it is engaged in manufacturing of imaging and photography products for the millions of customers across the world, and soon, it becomes in fastest growing imaging products companies. Kodak has one of its service center in Jakarta, Indonesia, and it has also other service center branch in Jakarta, address is: Komp. THR Lokasari, Block-C, 34-39, Jl. Mangga Besar 9, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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