DPSS.lacounty.gov Calfresh Login - Sign in to Access Account

My Dpss Login/Lacounty.gov Login

The steps for DPSS login are mentioned below

  • The first step is visit the https://dpss.lacounty.gov/
  • On the page there is MY DPSS option click on the option
  • Clicking opens the login page where the user needs to tap on login option
  • The existing user needs to enter their username and password
  • For the new users there is a sign-in option on the left side of the page. Click on that and proceed with the steps
Login Helpline
For any kind of questions or query regarding the DPSS login please call the customer service
toll free at (866) 613-3777
Local Numbers: The customer can also call on (310) 258-7400 or at (626) 569-1399

How to apply DPSS Login Benefits Online?

The best way to apply for DPSS benefits is online at YourBenefitsNow

Benefitsnow Account Login Help

Follow the steps mentioned below for logging in YourBenefitsNow online account.
  • Visit YourBenefitsNow Website: The first step to login into YourBenefitsNow account is to visit the website
  • Username/Password: After visiting the website a page opens with a box asking if you remember yourUsername/Password. Tap “Yes” if you do. However, if the user does not remember then simply click “No” for help
  • Username/Password
  • Enter Username and Password: Next, the user is taken to the new page where the user can enter the sign-in information. Enter the YourBenefitsNow account Username and Password. After completing tap the “Sign In” button
  • Accept Disclaimer: After entering login credentials successfully the user is taken to the Disclaimer page read out the disclaimer and tap on “I Agree” in order to proceed and view the YourBenefitsNow account

Forgot Login Username and Password

If the user does not remember the Username, follow the steps below:
  • If the user does not remember the username then click on “No” when asked at the beginning of the login process as mentioned above
  • After tapping on "NO" the user is taken to a page where the user needs to provide information to retrieve the username such as EBT Number or Case Number, Date of Birth,
    Phone Number or Zip Code
  • After providing the needed information click “Continue” for further steps on how to retrieve your username
  • Forgotten the Password

    In case of the forgotten password of the YourBenefitsNow account follow the steps mentioned below
    • On the login page, tap on “Forget your password/PIN? Click here to reset your password/PIN”
    • Next enter “Username/Customer ID”
    • Enter the requested information and tap on “Continue” to proceed further on how to reset your password

    Create a YourBenefitsNow Account

    • The first thing you need to do is go to the YourBenefitsNow website
    • After visiting the page click on “Create a new Account” that is under the “New User?” section of the page
    • On the create new account page the user is asked to provide the information needed for an account such as Username, Password, Security Question Selection, and Whether you already have a case with DPSS. After that click on “Register Now”
    • Once done the user will see a Disclaimer page read the Disclaimer information and tap on “I Agree”

    Benefits of YourBenefitsNow Account

    There are several benefits of "YourBenefitsNow" Account as mentioned below
    • View details of existing benefits
    • Start or continue an existing application
    • Check the eligibility for CalFresh, CalWORKs, General Relief, and MediCal
    • Fix an appointment for a new application
    • Upload verification documents

    Note: Customers can apply for the benefits online through the Your Benefits Now website as mentioned above or by Calling the Customer Service Center at (866) 613-3777

DPSS Calfresh Login

In order to enjoy the benefits of DPSS calfresh the login account is a must through which the applicant can enjoy all the services of DPSS the steps to log in are as follows

  • Visit the https://dpss.lacounty.gov/
  • On the page there is an MY DPSS option that is located at top of page
  • After clicking on the "MY DPSS" login page is opened where the existing user needs to provide a username and password
  • On the page there is a "benefitscal" on the top of the where the user can check calfresh benefits

Apply for Calfresh Benefits Online

  • If the customer has an account the user can login or can create calfresh account on the website
  • On the there is a "apply now" option clicking on that shows all the details needed to create an account as well as benefits

Eligibility for CalFresh

Eligibility for the CalFresh benefits are as follows
  • Receive CalWORKs or General Relief
  • Have limited income or no income
  • Have limited property and must be a U.S. Citizen
Note: For any kind queries regarding calfresh login or how to apply please call at CalFresh Benefits Helpline 1-877-847-3663