DoE Email 365 - Online Account Guide

DoE Email 365

DoE(Department of Education) Email 365 Login is an online resource tool for the students and employees through which quick access is offered regarding the enrollment, class schedules, calendars, files, secured cloud storage, applications and other communication tools. DoE Email 365 Office is provided by the New York City Department of Education(NYC DoE) for the convenience of students and staff members. DoE Email 365 is a gold partner of Microsoft through which institutes and organizations avail access to all businesses/services.

DoE Email 365 Login

Students and employees can easily get access to register/create an account of NYC DoE Outlook Email and avail access to the following:
  • Account Management: Through the DoE Email 365 login portal, students and employees can avail access to their personal information including addresses, emails, files, pictures, and many more.
  • Login/Account Support: Through the portal, employees, students and faculty members can avail support to their DoE email accounts or login credentials including usernames, passwords, and others. For more assistance, contact DOE IT help desk office at 718-935-5100
  • Classes & Calendars: Students and employees can review their class schedules, calendars, files and other stored items through the given portal.
  • Reset/Recover Passwords/User ID's: Through the login tool, students, employees and other members can reset or recover/change their account/usernames/ID's and passwords easily.
  • Access to DoE Platforms: Students are able to access other NYC DoE platforms including TeachHub, Google for Education, iLearnNYC, and other software programs through the portal.

NYC DoE Email Outlook 365 Login

NYC DoE Email Outlook 365 Login is a platform through which students and employees are able to use all featured services and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 and avail up to date versions of all Office apps including MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. DoE Email Outlook 365 Login provides access for the following:

  • To check calendars and emails.
  • To edit documents and other files.
  • Feed contacts and images.
  • Share mailboxes and other attachments.
  • Schedule meetings and many more.
  • For assistance regarding the accounts and other technical issues, contact at (718) 935-5100 or 718-935-4000
  • To avail help regarding the Password Reset, dial (718) 935-5100 press 1. For ATS application support, call at (718) 935-5100 press 2.

DoE Email 365 OWA(Outlook Web Access)

DoE Email 365 OWA(Outlook Web Access) is a web-based email(interface) for the students and employees through which they can get access to their mailboxes and other online services. Students and employees can use this portal for sharing and storing their files, documents and others. Moreover, users can get access to all file types including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, PDF files and Excel spreadsheets. OWA(Outlook Web Access) is a part of Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft 365 subscribers and can be used for education purposes and others. Through the DoE Email 365 OWA accounts, students and staff are able to manage following services:
  • Upgrade Personal Info: Manage account details and update personal information like address, phone number, email and others.
  • Reset Passwords/PIN: Avail access to change or reset passwords/PIN's through the portal.
  • Apps and Platforms: Access to all applications and platforms including Zoom, MS Office, Google classes, iLearnNYC and others.
  • Self Services: Employees and students can get access to the self-service portal through which all online services can be managed by themselves.
  • Login Support: For login support, contact at (718) 935-5100

DoE Email Payroll Portal

DoE Email Payroll Portal is a resource tool for the employees through which they can avail access to check the monthly salaries, personal paychecks and other payroll related inquiries. For other HR services and employee benefits, contact at:

  • Payroll Check Management Unit: (718) 935-2219
  • HR Connect (for Inquiries Re: Leaves, Benefits, & General HR Questions): (718) 935-4000
  • Board of Education Retirement System (BERS):
  • Office of Appeals and Reviews:
  • Office of the Auditor General (OAG):
  • Custodial Inquiries:
  • Civil Service Management Unit:
  • Salary Services: SalaryDifferential/
  • Certification/Licensing:
  • Office of Accounts Payables:
  • Office of Non-Public School Payables (NPSP):
  • Full-time Paraprofessionals:
  • Paraprofessional Milestone for Certification:
  • DASA Workshop Information:
  • Substitute Disciplinary Unit:

DoE Student Email

DoE Student Email is an online account offered by TeachHub to the students in order to access to all featured services and facilities of the school. Through this account, students can attain access to online Google classroom, schedule classes, study materials, aid programs, scholarships, and other educational programs. For assistance, contact at 718-935-5100 or follow the given path. Moreover, students can avail access to following:

  • Google for Education
  • TeachHub
  • Zoom Classes/Counseling
  • ILearnNYC
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Reset/Create PINs/Passwords
  • To Set Up Security Questions
  • Student Self-Services and more.

DoE Email Help Desk

For all email accounts and login credentials assistance, contact DIIT Help Desk at 718-935-5100 and for others follow the given prompts:

DoE Email Not Working

If the DoE Email is not working, employee and students can reach out to the IT department for all kind of assistance via a call at 718-935-5100 or dial 718-935-4000