Doe Email Login NYC - Account Assistance Guide

DOE Email Login NYC

DOE (Department of Education) NYC is dedicated to provide education services to school going children. The department is responsible for student enrollment, education, learning and school life. The login account is meat for students, employees and staff members of the department of education. The login account provides access to multiple services and facilities that can be availed online. Clients can call at 718-935-2200 between Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. to avail needed support.

NYC DOE Student Email Login

Students are empowered to use login profile to check the score cards, view academic activity calendar and etc. The login profile is also user to make payments. The student login account can be used to access academic platforms like:
1. TeachHub
2. Google for Education
3. iLearnNYC
4. Microsoft Office
5. Zoom

How to Crate a DOE Student Email Login

To create a login profile follow the below mentioned steps.
  1. Visit the account creation page at "".
  2. Click on "create new account" avail on login page.
  3. Enter personal information like name, email and contact number.
  4. Select "validate email" to verify the given email address.
  5. Go to the email inbox and get the validation code.
  6. Enter the email validation code "Validate Email" page.
  7. Create a "username" and "password".
  8. Confirm the details and select "create an account".

How to Login: After creating an account visit the login portal at "". Enter the chosen "username and password" and click on Login.

NYC Doe Email Login Password Reset

Students can reset a password by using the multiple means. The department allows to reset a password by going through the below instructions.
Reset Password Through Student Self-Service Tool: To use the online student self service portal a student must have created a personal "PIN" or set some "security questions".
Create a PIN: To create a "PIN" follow the below steps.
  1. Go to the Student Self-Service .
  2. Login by using a registered "username and password".
  3. Click on "Pin Reset" available on left side of the page.
  4. Enter a PIN and confirm by entering it again.
  5. Click on "Save Changes".
  6. Open the email inbox associated with login profile to validate the PIN.

How to Set Security Questions for Student Account

In order to set security questions for student account follow the below given instructions.
  1. Sing in to "Student Self-Service"
  2. Enter a valid username and password.
  3. After login click on "Security Questions".
  4. Select and answer the "three" security questions of choice.
  5. Enter password and click on "Save Changes".
  6. Check the email inbox and click on verification link to confirm the set up security questions.

NYC DOE Email Help Desk

To avail help regarding DOE email login accounts call the DOE IT service desk directly at 718-935-5100 and press the below options.
  • Press 1: For password reset
  • Press 2: For ATS application Support
  • Press 3: For other Staff Support Requests
  • Press 4: in case of a Student or family Member

NYC DOE Email Address

NYC DOE (Department of education) has established various email addresses for different sections and services. Students, parents and staff members can use the below mentioned email addresses to connect with multiple services and facilities.

Student Enrollment Email

  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and G&T Admissions:
  • Middle School Admissions:
  • Child Care Eligibility Team:
  • Register for a Workshop:

DOE Special Education Email Address

  • Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support:
  • Related Services:
  • Impartial Hearing Office:
  • Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE):
  • Pre-K for All Programs:
  • Pre-K for All 504 Accommodations:

Student Attending Specialized Programs

  • General:
  • Academic, Career, and Essential Skills (ACES) Program:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Programs:
  • Bilingual Special Education (BSE) Program:

NYC DOE Email Login Employees

The employee can use the Login profile to access the varied services related to their work. The employee email login profile can be used for the below mentioned purposes.
Employee Information: The staff login profile provides access to all employee information including current and past employees. existing employees can also access the partners support material, and the translated documents.
Staff Details: By login into employee email portal an user can get details related to field and central staff, teachers, administrators and etc.
Employee Verification: The service allows to check the status of employee verification reports.
HR Support: Existing and retired employees can access HR services like benefits, leaves of absence, certification, payroll, personal and tax data changes.
Account Management: The employee portal allows clients to manage account and update personal information.

NYC DOE Email Staff Login

To login into DOE Staff email follow the below steps:
1. Visit the NYC DOE official portal at "
2. Click on "infoHub" option.
3. Now click on "Employee Sign In".
4. Enter a registered "username and password".
Note: To reset a forgotten password click on "Password & Profile Management" available on the bottom of login page and follow the prompts.

NYC DOE Email Outlook 365 Login

NYC DOE is association with office outlook 365 provides email login services to staff and faculty members. Principals for NYC schools are authorized to create DOE Email outlook 365 account for staff members.

How Do I Create a DOE Account?

To create an account follow the below given steps:
  • Login to the DOE Extranet portal
    and press the SMU icon.
  • Click on the "SMU icon".
  • Select the "Non-Gov Add Staff feature".
  • Enter required information in all mandatory fields.
  • After completion a verification email will be send to registrants or the principal.
  • After verification of email a staff member can create a username and passowrd.
Support Service: In order to seek direct assistance regarding account call at the service desk helpline i.e (718) 935-5100 . The helpline remains active between Friday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. Users can also send an email at for password reset assistance.

NYC DOE Email Not Working
In case of any trouble use the account help page and seek assistance regarding password and username recovery. For direct assistance call at 718-935-4000 .