UGA MyID Login - Account Access Guide


The UGA MyID is the sign-in option that the faculty, students as well as staff use to access a wide range of the online services offered by UGA. Each MyID login is associated with a password that needs to be supplied while accessing these services. For any questions regarding MyID Login call at 706-542-3106 or send email at

UGA Myid Email Login

The user can access UGA Mail through the following ways
  • MyUGA Portal
  • UGAMail homepage
To login follow the steps mentioned below
  • Visit the
  • Tap on Login to UGAMail then On the Microsoft Outlook page where the user needs to enter the email
  • After entering the mail, click on the Next option to enter the password and access the emails
Suppose the user is from off-campus at that time login with ArchPas. Make sure to have enrolled device with you while logging into the email. Whenever MyID is created a UGA Mail email account is automatically created.

ELC UGA Myid Login

(eLC)eLearning Commons is the learning online management system for the University of Georgia. Login steps are mentioned below
  • Go to
  • After visiting the page there is a UGA Myid Login option for existing users enter the username and password for logging
  • The users that don't have Myid Login can click on Non-MYID Login option
eLC(eLearning Commons) provides a FERPA-protected platform for UGA courses for the classroom content as well as for activities in a shared digital learning space for example the user can use UGA eLC to share and store documents, engage students in online discussions.
eLC(eLearning Commons) is highly customizable and gives instructors the ability to personalize course content.

UGA Athena Login/Student Account

How to Access the UGA Athena Login Homepage

  • Go to the UGA Official Website via
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • At the bottom user needs to Locate myUGA
  • Click on MyUGA portal to access it
  • Select Athena icon and provide details like username and password

How to Login UGA Athena Student Portal
  • Access the Athena Student Account Portal
  • Navigate and click Login to Athena
  • Enter the MyID (Username) as well as Password
  • Click Login
  • To log out click on the portrait that is in the upper right corner exactly next to the name and Sign Out option

Athena Student Online Registration of Courses

To register for the University of Georgia and courses students are required to read the registration guidelines after that proceed to access Athena and begin the registration process.
  • The first step is to access the registration portal through the Athena homepage
  • Navigate and click Login to Athena
  • Enter MyID and Password
  • Tap Login

UGA Application Requirements

  • UGA did not use interviews as part of their evaluation process.
  • If the student's parent or relative has attended UGA, but this will not play any role in admissions decisions
  • UGA does not consider demonstrated interest so the student will not be judged on whether or not the student has contacted an admissions officer or has made a campus visit etc
  • The students are advised to ensure to dedicate sufficient time to the lone supplemental essay that is required by UGA

How can I Change My Login Password?

To change the Password login into the MyID Profile management application if the user knows the current UGA MyID password and needs to change it. The user must have completed MyID Profile to reset the MyID password.

Forgot My Password and I Haven't Set Up a MyID Profile?

In such a situation please call the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 . Help Desk can give a passcode that needs to be filled into the forgot the password page. The user will be prompted to set up the MyID Profile before resetting the password.