Logitech UK Service Center: near Me Service Locations

Logitech UK Service Center

Services: Reach out to the service center UK to get assistance in terms of repairs of servicing of Semiconductors, optics, Geological, Optoelectronics, cutting and sewing tools, etc.
Material Processing: Queries related to material processing can be asked by phone at
+44 (0)1389 875444

Near Me Service Locations

Logitech Limited, Erskine Ferry Road, Old Kilpatrick, GLASGOW, G60 5EU, UK
+44 (0) 1389 875444
Email: Enquiries@logitech.uk.com

Technical Sales Executive – Americas:
Jason Jex: +44(0)1389 875444
US: +1 801-613-9927
US Toll Free: +1 800-490-1749
Email: Jason.jex@logitech.uk.com

Consumable Sales:
Lauren McLaughlin: +44(0)1389 875444
Email: Lauren.mclaughlin@logitech.UK.com

Head Of Sales/Process Development:
Mark Kennedy: +44(0)7824 324151
Email: Mark.kennedy@logitech.uk.com