MWM Berlin Germany Service Center: Repair Gas Engines & Generators

MWM Gas Engines & Generators Repair/Service Center

MWM (Mechanical Workshop Mannheim) is a brand of Caterpillar Energy Solutions that deals with the gas engines & generator sets, utility services, logistics, biogas, landfills, sewage treatment plants, adapted system solutions and many more. The services offered by the MWM includes:

  • Customer service support
  • X-Change & Maintenance
  • MWM system check
  • MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM)
  • Spare parts & logistics
  • MWM Premium Oil for Gas Engines
  • MWM Antifreeze -20: coolant for MWM gas engines
  • Financing Services
  • Customer Service Number: Customers can ask sales related questions and queries through a call at +49 30 35 49 39 0 .
    For Parts Support: For spare parts and accessories, call at +49 30 35 49 39 0 .
    For Emergency Services: To avail assistance regarding the emergency services including outages by calling at +49 30 35 49 39 22 .
    Office Location: The service center is located at Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, An der Spreeschanze 10, 13599 Berlin, Germany
    Fax: You can fax your service requests and concerns at +49 30 35 49 39 61.
    Email Support: You can put forth your general questions based on the services and products mentioned above through emails at /
    MWM stand for Mechanical Workshop Mannheim is a German based company that was established in 1871 under the name of Carl Benz and August Ritter. The company was began with the inventor of engine and automobile. Now, the company is also involved in the manufacturing and developing of gas engines, gas generators and Gensets for natural gas, special gases and diesel. It is one of the largest providers of decentralized energy generation with over 1,300 workers, 11 subsidiaries and two representation offices across the world. For any kind of MWM related information, log on to the official website of the company. Fax No: +49-30/354939-61.