Marantz California Service Center: CHATS WORTH and SUN VALLEY REPAIR


: For repair contact nearby service centers at CA Service Centers
Parts And Accessories: To search parts and accessories visit Parts And Accessories and enter model number pr parts name in the box to get details. or call at 866.779.7421
Warranty: For warranty assistance and to check authorized dealer contact at 1-201-762-6666
Tech & Operational Support: Technical and operational assistance can be availed at 201-762-6666 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday to Friday.
Customer Service: Get in touch with the customer service department by contacting 800-654-6633 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday -Saturday.
Email: emails can be send via Email Form

Where To Get Marantz contacted In California USA?

Get Marantz contacted in CA USA using following Addresses.


Marantz Co. Inc., PO Box 577, Chatsworth, California 91311

Sun Valley

Marantz Co. Inc., PO Box 99, Sun Valley, California 91352

Audio And visual products

Marantz is worldwide manufacturer of Audio and visual products like amplifier, loudspeaker system, most powerful receiver, solid-state recorder etc. Marantz was established in the year 1953 having headquarters located in Kanagawa, Japan. It is a subsidiary of the D&M Holdings. The company’s first audio equipment was formed by Saul B. Marantz. The company has established many service centers and George Meyer Tv and Stereo is one of them. This service center is dealing in various brands such as Toshiba and marantz and much more.