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Text Message: Mail your service related queries to Mercedes service center at
Customer Service Number: +49 711 17 0
Service Center Location: The Location of Mercedes Service Center is 70546 Stuttgart, Germany


Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer corporation that was established on June 28, 1926 by Karl Benz and Paul Daimler. It is a German automobile corporation that offers various automobile repairs and financial services to the customers. Daimler AG is the parent organization that handles and controls the Mercedes-Benz organization.

The Corporation serves its services across all over the world and has its headquarters situated in Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes-Benz also provides the services and products of Automobiles, Trucks, Luxury vehicles, internal combustion engines and Buses. The main motive of the corporation is to provide best quality of products by producing and manufacturing automobiles, first-class trucks, vans etc for the customers to get maximum benefits.

The Technology and Innovation of the Mercedes-Benz Corporation depends upon the various factors that are Technicity, Hybrid Intelligent, Device Integration and Remote Inconvenience etc. The Corporation is a division of German Big 3 Corporation that also offers the distinct products and services for the customers such as luxury automakers, Audi and BMW. Mercedes-Benz Corporation also uses a slogan named as Das Beste oder nichts ("The best or nothing" in English). Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest brands across all over the world and is the first corporation that manufactures the first petrol-powered car. The Corresponding services of Mercedes service center are Mercedes Authorized Service Center, Mercedes Service Manual, Mercedes Service Costs and Mercedes Service Schedule.

Mercedes Service Center in Stuttgart, Fellbach
Address: Stuttgarter Straße 90, 70736 Fellbach, Germany
Phone Number: +49 711 1730000