Shoe Repair Greenville MS

Shoe Repair Greenville MS

729 US-82, Greenville, MS 38701, United States of America
+1 662-378-9481
The major Services of Shoe Repair shops in Greenville, MS:

Shoe Resoling

Shoe repair shops in Greenville, MS offer resoling services to replace worn-out soles

Heel Replacement

The shops can replace damaged or worn-down heels, whether it's a standard heel or a specialty heel for specific shoe types like boots or high heels

Shoe Reconditioning

Shoe repair shops provide reconditioning services to revive the appearance of shoes and can clean, polish, and condition leather or fabric materials, restoring the shine and removing scuffs or stains

Zipper Repair and Replacement

Shoe repair shops can repair or replace broken or damaged zippers in shoes or boots.

Dennis Shoe Repair Greenville MS

729 US-82, Greenville, MS 38701, USA
+1 662-378-9481

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