4285 Mail Service Center: Raleigh NC Mail Service

4285 Mail Service Availing in Raleigh NC

You can refer the below given information to know more about the service center.
Raleigh NC Location: Customers can reach the Mail Service Center at 5901 Raleigh, NC 27699. This is an easily accessible location for customers throughout North Carolina.
Customer Service Helpline: In order to reach out to the customer service representatives of the Mail Service Center, do not hesitate to ring the up at
919-733-2913 . You can put forth all sort of service related queries on this portal and expect a quick resolution accordingly. The service representatives are committed to be at your disposal in case of any issues or difficulties.
Courier Mail Billing: The Courier Mail charges correspond with the the United States Postal Service (USPS). Additional fee is charged for Courier mails exceeding 50lbs and Time Critical/Biohazard mail. For further information, you can check the Mail Service Center's billing pattern on their website or by getting in touch with their representatives by reaching out to them via mail.
Start The Service: Agency meaning to subscribe to the Mail service are required to send a concerned email in this regard, to the Mail Service Center at mschelp@doa.nc.gov. Progress can then be monitored by following up the concerned emails. All the further information will be conveyed to you accordingly so that you can be subscribed as a permanent customer of the mail service center. You can also mail the help desk for queries before availing the service.
Change Service: Customers wishing to bring a change in their mail services with respect to location, drop points and agency name can forward a concerned email to the service center at mschelp@doa.nc.gov. The changes can be made along the lines of pick up point, delivery locations and the concerned agencies. The help desk will revert back to your mail and do all the necessary work.
Stop The Service: In order to stop the mail service, you can deactivate your courier account by sending a concerned email at mschelp@doa.nc.gov. The representatives will get back to you following which you will have to confirm the permanent deactivation of your courier account.

Phone Number and Contact Support

Phone Number: To receive more information regarding the working and services of the Mail Service Center, please call the mail help desk at +1 919-733-2914 . You can get in touch with the representatives through phone to resolve all your queries.