4285 Mail Service Center: Raleigh NC Mail Service

    The 4285 Mail Service Center offers offer courier and parcel delivery services. The service provider assures all possible customer service support.
    Contact at
    919-733-2913 to seek all needed assistance regarding services and products.
    The service center is located at "Mail Service Center at 5901 Raleigh, NC 27699".
    Start a Service: Start or subscribe a service by sending request at mschelp@doa.nc.gov

    Services Offered By 4285 Mail Service Center

    The service center offers following services:
  • Government Courier Mail Service: The Mail Service Center renders courier mail service to state agencies across North Carolina including city, county local governments.
  • University Courier Services: The above mentioned courier mail services are also offered to universities outside Wake County.
  • Delivery Drop Box: The services are offered for official state government mails to be delivered to a selected given drop - box.
  • Night Time Courier Mail: The central part of the state receives the Courier mail during night - time.
  • West and East Day Time Courier Mail: The western portion including most of the eastern parts of the state receive the courier mail during the day-time. This corresponds to the mailing service schedule of the service center.

Phone Number and Contact Support

Call the mail help desk at +1 919-733-2914 to receive more information regarding the working and services of the Mail Service Center, please. Get in touch with the representatives through phone to resolve all queries.
Mailing Address: 1010 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699.
Physical Address: 4285 Trinity Road, Raleigh, NC 27607