701 Service Center Whiteville NC

(910) 642-5253
701 (Seven-0-One) Auto Service Center is renowned for providing repair and maintenance services for all vehicle types. The center offers comprehensive vehicle repair, restoration, and parts replacement services. Additionally, facilities such as vehicle inspection and engine diagnosis are provided. The following automotive services are offered:

Repair and Maintenance

Customers are provided with repair and maintenance services, covering brake repair, suspension, steering, and transmission repair. Services like oil change, filter replacement, and battery testing are also available. Vehicle inspection services are offered to generate complete vehicle reports.

Parts and Accessories

Genuine auto parts and accessories can be obtained at the service center. Customers can access a range of vehicle interior and exterior accessories. Parts replacement for vehicles under warranty is also facilitated.

Body Shop Service

The vehicle body center specializes in collision repair, offering services such as body dent removal, bumper repair, painting, and polishing.

Tire Center

The tire center assists customers in purchasing new tires, providing installation services, tire rotation, and wheel alignment amenities.

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701 Service Center Whiteville NC

7212 James B White Highway South Whiteville, NC 28472-6558
(910) 642-5253 to seek all needed help.

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