ABF Tucson Arizona Service Center

Comments or suggestions regarding freight services can be submitted by customers through the Contact Us form.

Technical Support

Technical assistance can be obtained by customers through a call to specialists at 479-785-8900 or by sending an email to Helpdesk@arcb.com.
General support inquiries can be directed to the support center through a call at (520) 573-0651 / 800-610-5544 or by forwarding shipment queries to customerservice@arcb.com.

For Sales Information

Sales queries and questions can be directed to Dominguez, Gilbert, Service Center Manager at Gdominguez@abf.com.

Military Moving Solutions

Moving services for military can be obtained by calling at 877-453-7274 .

Managed Transportation Solutions

Transportation solutions can be requested by emailing at Askmanagedsolutions@arcb.com.

Long-Distance Moving

U-Pack moving service quotes for long-distance can be obtained by calling at 877-453-7274.

Corporate Nationwide Coverage

Extensive labor and transportation services can be attained by dialing 800-940-9155, and account requests can be forwarded to Moving@arcb.com.

ArcBest Temperature Control Solutions

Temperature control-based transportation services can be requested by dialing 800-685-0657 . Rate information for Refrigerated Freights can be obtained by calling 877-279-8090.

Expedite/Premium Logistics Services

Imports and exports shipment scheduling can be done by dialing 800-685-0657 or by emailing at Expedite@arcb.com. Premium logistics services can be inquired about by contacting the same number.

Trade Show Specialists/ Retail Solutions

For trade shows, contact Tom Cletcher at Tcletcher@arcb.com, and for retailing services, inquiries can be sent to Retail@arcb.com. Tracing services can be requested by contacting Rmedina@arcb.com.

Time-Critical Freight

The best time-critical services can be requested by dialing 800-610-5544.

Distribution and Warehousing Service

Inquiries regarding warehouse and distribution options can be made by calling a representative at 844-894-9460 .

Schedule A Freight Pickup

Customers can Schedule A Freight Pickup by filling a short form at the provided link.

Fax Number:

Service requests and complaints can be faxed to (520) 294-1887.

Residential Moving Services

Assistance regarding residential moving can be obtained by calling at 877-453-7274 .

Safety & Security

For safety and security of freights, inquiries can be made by calling at (479) 785-6486 or by emailing at Safety@freight.abf.com / Security@freight.abf.com.
The terminal operates its services at 2943 E WIEDING ROAD, TUCSON, AZ 85706, US.

Near Me Locations

Local or Nearby Freight Centers can be found through the provided link address.

Freight Tools For Customers

  • Shipment Tracking & Quotes
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Billing and Payments
  • Claims & Reporting Tools
  • Bill of Lading & Calculator Tools
  • Pickup Request & Service Center Lookup
  • Document Creation & Retrieval
  • Shipment Reporting, Planning & Management

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