ACH (Automated Clearing House ) Service Center

Automated clearing House (ACH) system is an electronic funds-transfer payment process that provides (ACH) dealing with on- line direct deposit of financial institutions.
For more help contact at 855-868-0151 or Email to
  • ACH Electronic Fund Transfer (EFTA) Service: The service protects customer while transferring savings electronically such as by using debit cards or automatic withdrawals from accounts.
  • ACH Green Book Assistance: The book carry out federal agency contact details and website addresses. For more information click to Green Book
  • ACH Training Support: The center supports federal employees in providing financial education, on demand video training like programs.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System Services: The service is related to pay taxes online for businesses people, and federal agencies. For more details contact EFTPS Customer Service department at 800-555-4477 assistance available 24x7.

ACH(Automated Clearing House) Electronic Funds Transfer Service Center & Support

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Service Center - Contact Us

ACH Contacts for the Public
Information About Tax Refund or Federal Payment Contact At: 800-304-3107

Fax for Debt Collection Letter Treasury Department At 205-912-6155

For Hearing Impaired Customers Contact: 800-877-8339

Dial for A Tax Refund or Other Federal Payment: 800-304-3107

U.S Treasury and Need Additional Information Regarding Your Payment Options: 888-826-3127

Payments Received from The Government Checks or Direct Deposit: 855-868-0151 City Financial Centers.

Internal Revenue Service: 800-829-1040

Social Security Administration: 800-772-1213

Congressional inquiries 202-504-3535

Office of Legislative and Public Affairs:

Regional Financial Centers
Kansas City Financial Center: 816-414-2100

Philadelphia Financial Center: 855-868-0151

How to Get A Transcript By Mail?
To get mail support dial automated phone transcript service number at 800-908-9946.

Debt Collection Letter or 'offset Notice' Support

The concerned support can be requested by sending fax to treasury department at 205-912-6155. Please note down that requests can take up to four weeks during tax season.

TOP Interactive Voice Response System

This is meant for processing requests in regard to the current offset (reduction) of tax refunds or another federal payment dial 800-304-3107 to know more.

What is Cross Servicing?

Cross servicing support is provided in relation to the information of payments like delinquent debt notices from the U.S Treasury. Call 888-826-3127 to get in detail consultation.

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