Air Force Total Force Service Center Locations: Addresses & Phone Numbers USA

Air Force Total Force Service Center Locations

Air Force Total Force is a personnel center service provider offering various support related to the Career management, Retiree services, Airman and family services,
crisis and emergency support, etc.

Addresses & Phone Numbers

Service Location: Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC),550 C St W, Universal City, TX 78148, United States.
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 7: 30 AM -4: 30 PM
For Personnel Issues, Contact The Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102
For Trouble Logging Into MyPers, Or Any Other Air Force Platform, Contact The A1 Service Desk
800-525-0102 , option 5
For Trouble Accessing The Air Force Portal, Contact The AF Portal Help Desk
877-596-5771 , option 7
For Public Affairs Support, Such As Media Queries Or Community Engagement, Contact The PA Office
210-565-2334 , option 2
For AFPC Inspections, Complaint Resolution Or to Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, Contact The AFPC Inspector General
For Questions About Air Force Surveys, Please Contact The AF Survey Office. Media - Please Contact The Public Affairs Office
(210) 565-2776
For Pay Issues Or Tax Documents, Contact The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Customer Service Section
Public Affairs Assistance: Drop email to
Air Force Retiree Services
AFPC/DPFFF, 550 C Street W, JBSA-Randolph TX 78150
Toll free: 800-525-0102 (Total Force Service Center)
DSN: 665-5000