Alameda Medical California Service Center: Health System

Health System Support

Emergency Support: Call at 510-259-1800 to get emergency support related to the Child Abuse and Seek information related to the Health, House and human support at the same number. For free multi lingual service dial 211
Adult Abuse: To complain Adult abuse and to seek help contact department at 510-577-3500 , 1-866-CALL-APS or 1-866-225-5277
Ombudsman: Assistance for Advocates for residents in long-term care facilities can be availed at 510-638-6878 or contact after Hour Crisis Line 1-800-231-4024

General And Case Information

General Assistance - Medi-Cal: General assistance related to Medi-Cal health system can be gained by dialing 510-263-2420 or at 1-888-999-4772
IHSS - Provider Information: Seek concerned help at 510-577-1877
Foster Care Providers: Get to know more about Foster care providers or custody of the childrens who are without parents at 510-780-8888
IHSS - Client: Support related to applying can be gained at 510-577-1800
Electronic Benefits: Helpline for Transfer (EBT) and benefit information is 1-877-328-9677
Adult Medi-Cal: Assistance related to the adults inn regard with security and disability can call at 510-577-5655

Adult And Aging Hotlines

Customer Support Department: For direct conversation related to the service and support call at 510-577-1900
Public Authority Numbers: Concerned information can be availed at (510) 577-3552
Adult Protective Services (APS): For elders and adults to protect them from abuse and neglect contact department at 510- 577-3500
Health Benefits: Contact to know about detailed health benefits offered by the center at (510) 577-3551
Training: Get inquiries related to the Training answered at (510) 577-3554
Registry: Recipient registered related questions and advice can be asked at (510) 577-1980 and provider information can be gained at (510) 577-3579
Area Agency On Aging: Dial 510-577-1907 to connect with area agency for aging support.

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

Application: To get information about IHSS application contact division at (510) 577-1800
Payroll: Call at (510) 577-1877 to get payroll related assistance.
Senior Support: For senior information and assistance get in touch with the center at 1-800-510-2020 or 510-577-3530
Veterans: Call 510-577-1926 to get connected with Veterans Services Office.

Children And Family Services

Adoptions: General assistance related to the adoption can be availed by contacting at 510-268-2422
Foster: For foster license information contact at 510-259-3575
Safely Surrendered Baby: Required help can be requested at 1-877-BABYSAF or 1- 877-222-9723

Discrimination Complaints

File complaint against discrimination by reaching Civil service officer at 510-907-0642

Health Center Location Near Me

Contact information of health centers for medical and other related assistance in California nearby Alameda County are mentioned below.

Thomas L. Berkley Square (North Oakland)

2000 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612
Near Me Location: Get to know other health center details to avail required medical health at Near Me Location