All RV Tucson Arizona Service Center

Assistance for RV parts and service, marine, and mobile home parts can be obtained by contacting at 1-800-458-3134.


Parts can be ordered either by visiting Online Catalogs or by calling 1-800-458-3134.


For RV housewares products used for traveling, contact can be made at 1-800-458-3134.


The department for buying camping accessories can be reached at 1-800-458-3134.

RV Electronics & Gauges

Items like satellites and electronic products fall under this category. To learn more, a call can be made to 1-800-458-3134.


Consultation related to meters, testers, wiring, and other electrical products can be obtained by calling 1-800-458-3134.


Queries related to lanterns, solar lights, flashlights, and more can be addressed by calling 1-800-458-3134.

RV Maintenance

For all RV maintenance products, dial 1-800-458-3134.

Trailer Services

The service center provides support for all models and types of RVs, including electric works, tow bars, hitches, etc. Issues regarding fuel tanks and generators are also addressed at the center. For more details, contact 1-800-458-3134.

Hardware & Tools

To make one's own repairs, contact the center at 1-800-458-3134 to get details about relevant tools and hardware equipment.

Emergency After Hours Number

For emergency after-hour details, contact 520-622-1578.

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