Allstate Technology Service Center For Agents: Customer Service Support Locations

Services by Allstate Technology Service Center For Agents

Allstate Insurance Corporation has established a Technology service center that provides varied services and amenities. The technology center assists agents and insurance holders to access varied services online. Clients can set personal accounts and login via chosen IDs. The agents can file claims, apply for plans and collect needed information. The technology service center also empowers to find licensed agents in nearby locations. Clients can find agents by entering address or zip code in search box and collect details. The center also provides support to file insurance claims.

Insurance Plans offered by Allstate Service Center

Allstate insurance agency provides numerous insurance plans to cover all risk areas of life. The insurance programs are available under below mentioned categories.

  • Life Insurance: The life insurance plans are devised for individuals, groups and families. The plans contain saving benefits and other features. The life insurance program is meant to save for emergency or medical issues.
  • Business Insurance: The agency offers commercial or business insurance plans to clients. The business insurance are meant for employers, business unit holders and corporate. Business protection plans are available under easy terms and conditions.
  • Vehicle Insurance: Auto insurance plans carried accidental benefits, servicing coverage and parts replacement services.
  • Home Insurance: The homeowners insurance policies are available to protect all valuable items of home.

How to Contact Allstate Technology Service Center

Find Service Support Locations: Clients can visit the below locations for availing support.
Mortgage Remittance
Allstate Lender Relations
P. O. Box 660649
Dallas, TX 75266

For Overnight Payments
Allstate Lender Relations
8711 Freeport Parkway North
Mail Station 4A
Irving, TX 75063

Insurance Claims
Allstate Insurance Company
PO Box 660636
Dallas, TX 75266

Allstate Corporate Address
Home Office:
2775 Sanders Road,
Northbrook, IL 60062

Customer Service Number: The below mentioned helpline channels are available to assist clients regarding various issues. Use the contacts to connect with service center representatives.
General Questions: 1-800-676-5456
File Claims: 800-669-2214
Payment and Billing: 1-800-901-1732
Immediate Roadside Assistance: 1-877-597-3393
Life Insurance Payments: 1-800-525-9287