Arcadia Family Service Center: Provision of educational services

Arcadia Family Service Center:

Arcadia Family Service Center offers educational support to adult learners in order to increase their reading academic skills through numerous services & programs. Objective of the center is to make all students a successful citizens as well as productive workers in future.
Arcadia Family Academics Home Services: TABE test is important to get enrollment for the registration & orientation in school. Please note that students with age group of 16-17 years have to complete FSC101 before applying for registration. Get entire consultation and support by dialing FSC service desk number at (863) 993-1333

Arcadia Family Provision of Educational Service Center Location

310 W Whidden St, Arcadia, FL - 34266.
Customer Service Number: (863) 993-1333
Fax: (863) 993-9181
Families Abuse Hotline: 1-800-962-2873