Assa Abloy Service Center Easton Pennsylvania

Assa Abloy Service Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, provides an array of services related to the repair and installation of metallic doors and frames, including home security products. For detailed assistance regarding these services, you can contact the center at 610-559-2180.

Assa Abloy Center Services

The center is actively involved in offering a variety of services, such as door and frame welding modifications, trans-ship points to reduce freight costs, local quick-ship custom frame manufacturing, and more.

Licensed Services

The center is licensed to fire-label products in accordance with the standards of regional building codes.


Deliveries are efficiently carried out using company trucks across all locations. This includes less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, dedicated carriers, or company-operated milk runs.

Pick-up or Shipping

The center also facilitates same-day pick-up or shipping of in-stock products to distributors.

Value-Added Services

The service center offers a broad range of value-added services to customers, encompassing various aspects of door and frame solutions.
  • Specification writing
  • Order coordination
  • Jobsite walk-through
  • Code interpretation
  • Security Consultation, etc.

The List of Service Center Locations of Assa Abloy Service Center Easton Pennsylvania Near Me to Repair

To avail a broad range of support related to wood and steel doors, frames, hardware, and accessories, please contact Assa Abloy Service Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, using the following details:


ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

Make a visit to the service center at 1000 Conroy Place Easton, PA 18040
Contact support desk at 610-559-2180

Email Support

For Order Processor
Shipping Related enquiries can be made at Ext. 6018
Office Desk or Ext. 6000
Drop email to Service Center Manager at Ext. 6017

Metro New York / New Jersey

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

1000 Conroy Place Easton, PA 18040
For Customer Service email to or dial Ext. 6020

New England

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

1000 Conroy Place Easton, PA 18040
Customer Service enquiries can be asked by forwarding message to or Ext. 6021


1000 Conroy Place Easton, PA 18040
Send a customer service request to or call Ext 6048

Upstate New York

1000 Conroy Place Easton, PA 18040
Service center information can be availed at or contact by dialing Ext. 6017

Assa Abloy Speciality Doors Service Center Easton Pennsylvania

The service center offers outstanding support for specialty products, including custom steel doors and frames designed to provide exceptional resistance against bullet, blast, hurricane, and tornado. For more information, feel free to dial 610-559-2180.

Assa Abloy Doors

The center offers customized steel and wood doors in a variety of options designed to fit specific requirements. For more information, you can obtain details by visiting:

Northeast Center

1000 Conroy Place, Easton, PA 18040

Assa Abloy Frames

The center specializes in manufacturing custom frames with any gauge and jamb depths. It excels in bending, welding, and machining services. For detailed assistance, please give a call at 610-559-2180.

Assa Abloy Hardware

The program is designed to facilitate customers to purchase various Assa Abloy products by placing a single order. Shipments can be delivered within 24 hours to seven FlashShip locations.

RITE Door/ Slide


These doors are customized to fit any commercial structure, whether new or old. Specifically designed for healthcare buildings, radiation-protected rooms, and more, these doors come equipped with features such as medical bearings and continuous hinges, providing tailored solutions.

RITE Slide

These doors are ideal for acoustical applications, featuring patent-pending sliding mechanisms. Best suited for medical exam rooms, patient areas, meeting spaces, guest areas, offices, and conference rooms. For further consultation and information, please call 610-559-2180 to get in touch with the North East PA Center.

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