Avaya Pension Service Center: Contacts & Locations Near Me

350 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown, New Jersey, 07960, United States
(866) 462-8292
The Avaya Pension Service Center is a support center that manages the pension benefits for former employees of Avaya Inc., a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems. The pension service center provides retirees with access to information about pension benefits, including pension plan balance, payment options, and beneficiary designations. The center is responsible for processing pension benefit payments, responding to enquiries and requests for information, and managing pension-related documents. Avaya Pension Service Center also provides retirees with resources to help understand pension benefits and make informed decisions about retirement. Avaya's Pension Service Center is staffed by retirement benefits specialists who are knowledgeable about pension plans, benefits, and retirement planning. Avaya Pension Service Center work closely with retirees to ensure that retirees receive the benefits.

Avaya Pension Service Center Customer Care Support

Corporate Office Address:

Avaya Inc. 2605 Meridian Parkway Suite 200 Durham, North Carolina 27713 United States

Toll-Free Number

(866) 462-8292

Customer Service

(908) 953-7445

Corporate Communications, North America

+ 1-669-242-8034

How to Manage Pension Benefits with the Avaya Pension Service Center?

Retirees can manage pension benefits by contacting the Avaya Pension Service Center directly or by logging into pension account online. Retirees may be able to view pension plan balances, update personal information, select payment options, and make other changes to account as needed.