Boeing Leave Service Center: Working Benefits & Retirement Services

Boeing Leave Service Center

Employee Service Phone Number: For having any question regarding the paid off and absence leaves and others with Boeing, you can ask by calling at 866-473-2016
Contact Boeing Help Desk: Feel free to contact help desk at (888) 469-0911 or (425) 234-0911 for any query, concern or issue regarding your services and benefits with the Boeing.

Boeing Benefits Service Center Phone Numbers

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)United States 866-719-5788 / +44 20 8987 5966 (outside)
Health & Insurance 866-473-2016
Financial Benefits Service 866-422-3539
Pension 833-787-2772

Boeing Announces New Paid Leaves

  • Boeing is the first company in aerospace industry to giving paid parental leaves for their employees.
  • Boeing announces new paid parental leaves, available to both mothers and fathers, will be in addition to Boeing’s current maternity leave for mothers only.
  • Boeing provides Paid Parenting to eligible employees for birth,adoption or adoption for a period of up to 12 weeks of bond per event. Paid Parent Holiday operates in conjunction with city, state or regional plans, including a Family Vacation and Medical Act(FMLA) break if the FMLA is available, but employees may use the Paid Parent even if the benefits of the FMLA have expired.

Boeing Leave of Absence Policy

  • Although the company's standard military leave policy allows for up to 90 days of pay difference and benefits, Boeing has extended this period to five years' salary difference and benefits for conscientious objectors under September 11, 2001 – related orders.
  • Boeing employees returning to work from military leave can speak Boeing Staff Assistant Counsellor if they want to talk about issues related to joining their families, jobs and communities. Upon his return to work, employees receive an email from Employee Assistance Program (EAP) highlighting specific Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contributions, such as personal or family counselings, and a list of sources.