Butler County Educational Service Center Jobs: Contact for District & Professional Services

Butler County Educational Service Center Jobs

Butler County Education service center serves district schools through multiple services and programs. The center offers services for the improvement of teaching and learning experiences.
Employment Services: The service center provides all needed details regarding available vacancies and eligibility for jobs in schools. The center offers all needed support for seeking employment and job placements. Applicants can call at 513 887-5541 to connect with human resource department of Butler County education service center.
Access Job Applications: Applicants can access job applications online. The service center provides step by step guide to complete the job applications.
Support Service: To avail needed assistance regarding job opportunities, seek help from below contacts.
Service Location: Butler County Educational Service Center
400 North Erie Boulevard, Suite A, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Service Number: (513) 887-3710
Butler County Educational Service Center Salary Schedule: The average salary of education service center employees is $110,789. The average salaries range from a low of $97,559 to a high of $126,212.

Butler County Educational Service Center Professional Services

The education service center provides multiple programs and services for the professional development of teachers and administrators.
Professional Development: The professional development services include organizing workshops for teachers. The center also offers access to online courses or book studies, coaching, modeling, and facilitation.
Teacher Training: The center provides innovative instructional practices to meet the needs of students. Actively engage students with high-impact instruction for growth and development.
Special Education Service: The center provides support to take care of students with special needs. Focus on social and emotional needs of students.
School Psychologist Service: Professional Psychologist services are provided to cover behavioral and emotional aspects of learning. Counseling services are also offered by the center.
Contact School District:
Address: 400 N Erie Blvd., Suite A, Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone: (513) 887-3710