Cannon Safe Customer Service Center: Warranty and Parts Replacement

Cannon Safe Customer Service

The Cannon Safe Customer Service Number is +1 (847) 665-1635 and the address is "2895 W. Capovilla Avenue Suite 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119".
Below are some means to avail assistance
  • Email Support: Send queries and comments through an email at
  • Customer Service Hours: The service center is open in between Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 4 PM PST and closed on major holidays
  • Customer Service Center Location: Located at "2895 W. Capovilla Avenue Suite 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119"
  • Register Your Safe: To Register Safes in order to avail warranty and other benefits follow the given path and enter the product model number, serial number and personal information
  • What Battery Should Be Used: All types of alkaline Duracell or Energizer battery with an expiration date of five years are recommended for Cannon Safes
  • Where to Buy Cannon Safe: Cannon Safes are available at the authorized retailers and should be brought only from the certified service providers/retailers

Other Cannon Safe Customer Service Number

Change Battery of Cannon Safe - Customer Service Assistance

Follow the below steps to change battery of the Cannon Safe:
  1. First find the battery tray located at the bottom of keypad
  2. Open the door and pull out battery plug-in
  3. Connect the battery and then slide the battery into the tray
  4. Close latch and test combination then shut the safe door off
  5. Use only Alkaline Duracell or Energizer battery

Change Code of Canon Safe - Customer Service?

Cannon Safe doors are locked with a specific code chosen by the owner. To change the lock code, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. First enter existing "six (6) digit code" and turn handle clockwise and pull door open
  2. With door open Press and hold "0" until you hear a double beep
  3. Enter existing six (6) digit code
  4. Then choose and enter a new six (6) digit code
  5. Re-Enter new six (6) digit code
  6. Keep door open and test the new combination
  7. If you hear double beep then the code is change successfully and in case you hear a long beep, then the old code is still valid
  8. For any technical assistance call the customer service center at +1 (847) 665-1635

Cannon Safe Warranty - Customer Service Support

Warranty Cover: Cannon Safes are covered under lifetime coverage for residential safes and one-year protection coverage for commercial and industrial safes. The warranty is applicable on defects in workmanship and materials. Benefits are also provided for damage by attempted break-in/actual break-in, natural flood, and fire.
What Is Not Covered: The warranty cover is not applicable for parts or safes which have been misused, neglected, modified and tempered. Safes put in unusual or extreme environment are also not covered under warranty protection.
What Is Required to Claim Warranty: In order to apply for warranty services a consumer needs following documents:
1. Proof of purchase
2. Police or fire department report
3. Photographs / Video of damaged safe
4. Written testimonial

Cannon Safe Replacement Parts Customer Support

Cannon Safes are supported with lifetime replacement and a warranty on parts and labor. Get replacement of parts like shelf, shelf covers, counter divider and side shelves on just a call at (847) 665-1635 . To place replacement parts orders online fill out the form given at the path. The service center processes the orders once payment is done. For more information and support call the customer service department at (847) 665-1635

What is Canon Safe Lockout Mode?

Canon Safe carries inbuilt features of lockout mode. The lockout mode gets activated in case a user enters wrong code. If the incorrect security code is entered 3 times, the canon safe gets lockout for 15 seconds. Lockout mode increases to 15 minutes if the incorrect codes are entered 2 additional times.
Backup Key: In case a user forgot's the security code, he/she can use the backup key to open the safe. To use the backup key, follow the below given steps.

  1. Remove the lock face by pressing the tab
  2. Insert the key in the key hole and turn clockwise 1/4 turn
  3. Rotate the handle and open the door
  4. Keep the door open and enter a new security code
  5. Before entering a new code, remove the key and put the lock face in place
  6. Enter a new code and follow instructions to complete the process

Get the Canon Safe Manual and Accessories

Canon Safe User Manual: Canon safe is backed up with all needed support and assistance. The user manual provides access to information regarding functionality, specifications and user guidance. To get user manuals according to safe lock type go through the given path. The user manuals also carry information about lock safety, code change, safe assembly and parts replacement.

Canon Safe Accessories

The service provider offers a wide range of safe accessories that include the safe covers, dehumidifiers, and safe cloaks. To seek help call at +1 (847) 665-1635 and avail all needed assistance.

Cannon Safe Keypad Replacement

Canon keypad replacement is provided by the manufacturers. The keypad replacement is done in case a user lost keys. To submit a parts replacement request follow the given path or call at (847) 665-1635 through Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST (excluding major holidays) for direct assistance.