Centurylink Retirement Pension Service Center: employee Benefits Service Support


CenturyLink has a defined retirement plan for its employees. Centurylink pension fund assets are all managed by CenturyLink Investment Management. CenturyLink is known to provide advanced entertainment, broadband, voice as well as wireless services to its consumers and businesses across the US.

CenturyLink Retiree Service Center

Phone: CenturyLink Customer Service phone number is 1-877-290-5458
Corporate Headquarters: The customer can write to CenturyLink regarding any question retirement pension question at 100 CenturyLink Dr. Monroe, LA 71203.
Healthcare and Short Term Disability: The CenturyLink can also be contacted at (800) 729-7526 for any healthcare and short term disability as well as for family medical leave related details by simply by choosing the applicable option.
Email: If the customer still needs any assistance after contacting the CenturyLink Service Center about the healthcare plan carrier or regarding the CenturyLink disability services contact Ryan ryan.weeks@centurylink.com.

Centurylink Combined Pension Plan

Centurylink combined pension plan is a type of plan that generally provides participants with a monthly retirement benefit upon reaching a specific age mentioned in the plan and may also be adjusted for early retirement. The features of the plan are as follows
  • Benefits received under the Plan are primarily related to pay
  • This Plan contains separate accounts to provide employees with health benefits
Plan Administrator contact details
Address: Write any queries or concerns at 214 E. 24TH ST P. O. BOX 4065 VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON 98663
Phone: 318-388-9000 or at 360-905-7972

CenturyLink Retirement Benefits

  • CenturyLink offers Retirement benefit plans as well as defined contribution pension plans. CenturyLink retirement plans include paying the retirees a predetermined amount on the retirement
  • CenturyLink defined contribution pension plan help workers to save and invest for retirement
  • To ensure a source of income later in life, a large number of employees participate in employer-financed pension plans
  • 401(k) plans under these plans the employees contribute a percentage of their annual compensation up to a certain level, as mentioned by the plans and by the Internal Revenue Service

CenturyLink Retirement Login

The steps to login are as follows
  • Visit the https://www.lumenpension.ehr.com/
  • After landing on the page enter the username to proceed
  • If the participant doesn't remember the username then click on forgot username option and follow the steps

CenturyLink Pension Buyout

If the CenturyLink is offering to buy out the pension, it means company is offering you an opportunity to take the pension value in exchange for the relief from the CenturyLink obligation to pay this in the future. It can be in the form of annual, one-time, or a lump-sum payments. For any kind of query regarding the pension buyout please call at 1-877-290-5458

What to Do When a Retiree (spouse) Dies?

In such a situation call the CenturyLink service center right away at 800-729-7526 to inform the death of the retiree. After that select, the option mentioned by the service center and follow subsequent steps. You will be directed to a representative from AON Hewitt which is a management company contracted by CenturyLink.