Cherokee County Development Service Center: Permit Service Location

Services Provided By Cherokee County Development Service Center

DSC Services:
The Development Service Center (DSC), a primary service center in Cherokee County where citizens can avail help regarding the permits of building and land development, planning and zoning services, Fire Marshal services, environmental health services and business licenses. The service center operates its services on the ground floor of the Administration Building in Cherokee County. The services offered by the Development Service Center (DSC) including:

  • Building Permits & Inspections: The Development Service Center issues permits under the supervision of the State of Georgia. There are multiple types of permits issued by the government of the state including Residential Permits, Commercial Permits, Service Permits, Manufactured Home Permits, Swimming Pools and Temporary Modular Buildings.For more help, call at 678-493-6227 or dial 678-493-6213 or email at
  • Alcohol License: The service center issues Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. The license types includes manufacturer, wholesaler, retailers and consumption on premises. for any kind of help, contact Shannon Griffith, Lead DSC Representative at (770) 721-7812 or email at
  • Fire Marshal: to avail support from the special team of DSC Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services in order to save the lives and property, contact at 770-721-7808 or 770-721-7809.
  • Planning & Zoning: to avail information regarding DSC planning and zoning services and responsibilities, contact Jeff Watkins, AICP, Director of Planning and Zoning at (678) 493-6107 or dial 678-493-6101.
  • Cherokee County Development Permits Service Location

    Customer Service Number: To obtain permit applications or claim the late processing of your permit through a call at 770-721-7810.

    For Services: To attain assistance regarding the services and programs offered by Cherokee County Development Service Center (DSC), talk to Irene Mumper, DSC Representative at (770)721-7813 or

    Email Support: For general inquiries or feedback, email at

    Development and Land Disturbance Permits: To obtain the permits for Development and Land Disturbance works, contact Kristen Falis, DSC Representative at 770-721-7811 or email

    Special Events Permits: For special event permits, email at

    Service Hours (Permit Processing Hours): Monday through Friday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM(Closed for Holidays)

    Service Location Address: The service office is addressed at 1130 Bluffs Parkway, Canton GA 30114.