Clermont County Educational Service Center: Service Locations Near Me

Clermont County Educational Service Center

Clermont County Educational Service Center is associated with offeringg ranging wide range of education related programs including supplemental services, specialized programs or general support, etc. The center can be reached by phone at +1 513-735-8300
Supplemental Services: Supplemental services include programs that are provided to the visually and hearing impaired students through designing and development of the program plans, braille materials, assistive technology evaluation, etc.
Specialed Programs: Vast range of the progms includes multiple disability classrooms, autism & social communication, preschool, etc.
Related Services: The support is provided in terms of interpretation, psychological, audiology, etc.
General Services: The support comprises of BCI & FBI Background checks , business advisory council, home education, and much more.
Professional Development: The training is offered free of charge to all CCESC employees in order to enhance learning & resilience, etc,. The training also focuses on the crisis prevention skills and concepts, etc.

Clermont County Educational Service Center Near Me Location

Clermont County Educational Service Center can be contacted by visiting physically to the center either by giving call to the service department for number of services like Assistive technology, special need, general training programs campuses, etc at school and district levels.

Clermont County Educational Service Center

Service Location:2400 Clermont Center Dr, Batavia, OH 45103, United States
Service Location: Get support desk contacted at +1 513-735-8300
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM - 4 PM

Transportation Certificates

Transportation Certificates are issued to the Drivers interested in driving for Clermont County Schools. Get help desk contacted at 513-735-8368 to know about eligibility and requirement for "Transportation Certificates".

Supervision/ Consulation

The training is available to all CCESC and provide insights on high standard special education supervisor/consultants through instructional program planning, leadership enhancement, support staff, etc. For more information contact service center at 513-735-8300 or fax at 513-735-8333, Email

Psychology Department

The training focuses on the child development, mental health, student learning, academic and behavioural assessment, school law and ethics, etc to enhance fine motor skills, Gross Motor Screening, communication skills and much more.

Multiple Disability Program

The service center has maintained best class rooms throughout the schools in Clermont County for the students suffering from multiple disabilities. The program is designed as per The Individual with Disabilities Education Act and include students having ailments like mental retardation-blindness, mental retardation-orthopedic impairment, etc.

Autism And Social Communication

The program is meant for the schools located across the Clermont county and to facilitate special need students right from their pre-school to 12TH grade struggling with autism or other social communication problems. Get in detail consultation by dialling 513-735-8300 .
For separate facility programming contact support team at 513-735-8302 and assistance related to CEC South can be availed at 513-724-8555

Home Education

The Program is meant for the students those can’t attend the school.Under this program the parent or guardian are provided curriculum and educational materials to teach child at their premises. More queries regarding the Home education can be asked at (513)735-8340