Columbiana County Educational Service Center

The Columbiana County Educational Service Center (CCESC), also recognized as Columbiana County ESC, operates as an educational consultancy and service provider in Ohio. The array of services and programs provided by the Columbiana County Educational Service Center cater to both students and educators and encompass the following:
  • Preschool/Early Childhood Services & Programs: CCESC administers educational programs tailored for children below 8 years of age. These initiatives focus on imparting fundamental preschool education, encompassing language development, basic numeracy skills, literacy, book recognition, and play-based learning akin to daycare centers. Additionally, the programs ensure children receive care pertaining to health, nutrition, and snacks. Funding for these services and programs is facilitated by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Substitute Teacher/Para-educator: The service department recruits substitute teachers/para-educators who collaborate with licensed teaching staff to manage attendance records, lesson preparation, and other classroom activities. Substitute Teacher/Para-educators serve as temporary replacements for professional staff members.
  • BCI/Fingerprinting Services: The service center provides BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation)/fingerprinting and background check services for students, daycare attendants, and teachers. These services are implemented to uphold security and safety standards within Ohio's district and public schools.
  • Employment Opportunities: The service center extends various employment opportunities tailored for skilled, experienced educators as well as fresh graduates.

Connect With Columbiana County Educational Service Center Preschool Ohio

  • For assistance regarding the services and programs offered by the Columbiana County Educational Service Center for preschool children and higher-grade students, the number to call is 330-424-9591.
  • Appointment Scheduling: To schedule an appointment, contact the main office at 330-424-9591.
  • General inquiries about school services and employment opportunities can be faxed to (330) 424-9481.
  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 16:00, Saturday: 08:00 to 23:00 & Sunday: Closed.
  • Visit the education center office at Columbiana County Educational Service Center (CCESC), 38720 Saltwell Road, Lisbon, OH 44432.
  • STARS Support:440 East State Street, Salem, Ohio 44460
    (330) 853-5721.

Columbiana County ESC Employment

Paraeducator applications/vacancies: Dial (330) 424-9591 extension 154 / Email
Substitute Custodians: Email

Columbiana County ESC Applitrack

Applitrack is a recruitment online portal where schools and education centers post vacancies and accept applications from the applicants. To check the vacancies at Columbiana County ESC on Applitrack, follow the provided link or contact the office at 330-424-9591.

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