Data Service Center Login: DSC Sign in For Employees

Data Service Center Login (Employee Login)

The DSC provides three types of Employee or Customer Login Options through the online portal at

DSC Employee Login

This comprises of online Paychecks/W-2s and Web Clock (Punch In/Out) To Login visit the portal and click on one of the links and enter User name, password or site ID to get details related to payroll or Timing.
  • DSC Supervisor Login:

    Supervisors can click on Time Clock to Login into the account with ID and password in order to avail reports on Timing and attendance online.
  • DSC Employer/CPA Login:

    The payroll system provides form-related information to the employers by clicking on Payroll/Time Clock to log in with ID and password.

Data service center is engaged in providing technical support to the schools at the district level to make coordination easy for both students and staff in terms of technological perspective through Web-based administrative applications, student applications, etc.

Data Service Help Desk

Contact DSC team for more detailed consultation and help at 302 504-7222

Data Service Location

Data Service Center, 168 S. Dupont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720

How To Get Data Service Center DSC Sign-In Support

Payroll professionals or school administrators can get in touch with the Data service center (DSC) using the following details to get a Sign In or any other support as per the requirement.
  • Service Location: 4037 Monroe St; Toledo, OH 43606
  • Service Center Number: Call at 419) 473-1165 or toll free (866) 223-9317 to get answers related to the concerned queries.
  • Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Pickup Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

DSC Employee Administration Application

DSC offers a wide range of employee administration Web applications for the schools to help them manage their day-to-day operations with transparency and in a cost-effective way.

Administrative Applications

This includes the following department-wise school administrative applications like
  • DSC Absence Request System: The online application maintains staff vacation or absence records in regard to vacation, personal time, professional development, etc within the districts or in schools to get a quick view of the absence or leaves as per need.
  • DSC Finance Budgeting & Reporting Support: The web application is designed to support business managers in allocation and maintaining budgets or finance expenses for schools so that administrators can quickly view their budget and Delaware Financial Management transactions.
  • DSC FTE Reporting Assistance: The HR software is designed to maintain staff resources or a database of teaching and other non-teaching staff in schools to manage financial operations well.
  • DSC Human Resources & Payroll Reporting System: The application help in managing the payroll records on daily basis. The application also provides customized reports of payroll records.

Data Service Center- Student Applications

The web applications help schools to maintain student records. A few of the applications include
  • DSC Student Applicant Processing Assistance: The Online processing applications help in easily Entering, tracking, and managing choice applications as per school requirements.
  • DSC Health Accounting Services: The specific web application is meant to make a recording of the Office Visits, scheduling, administering, Medications, Treatments, accidents, etc easy using daily Log Report.
  • DSC Discipline Reporting Support: The school web application provides a convenient way to summarize reports on student behavior incidents, etc to help in analyzing discipline needs and trends.
  • DSC Transportation Discipline Referral System: This is designed to give insights about student behaviors and discipline in school buses by generating graphical representations to make necessary positive behavior changes.