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Dedham is a renowned auto repair service center that specializes in providing repair and maintenance services for all types of vehicles across various categories. Equipped with factory-trained technicians, the service center offers a wide range of vehicle services. These services encompass both major and minor auto repairs, alongside vehicle inspection facilities. The auto servicing options available at the center are outlined below:
  • Preventive Maintenance

    This category covers routine vehicle maintenance tasks such as general oil changes, filter replacements, vehicle tune-ups, and battery replacements. Scheduled maintenance services also include engine checks and performance tests.
  • Brake Systems Repair

    Services offered under this category include brake adjustment, brake pad replacements, master cylinder services, brake line and hose repairs, as well as wheel cylinder and caliper services.
  • Engine Inspection

    The auto service center conducts computerized vehicle engine inspections to assess the functionality of sensors and electronic engine control systems. This inspection helps in evaluating critical components such as mass airflow sensors, throttle position sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, coolant temperature sensors, exhaust oxygen sensors, crankshaft position sensors, and camshaft position sensors.
  • Tires & Wheels

    Dedham service centers provide comprehensive services for auto tires and wheels. Customers can purchase new tires and avail installation services. Additionally, computerized wheel alignment services are available for all types of vehicles.
  • Parts and Accessories

    The auto service provider offers OEM genuine auto parts and accessories, facilitating complete vehicle restoration and auto body detailing services.

State Inspection and Emissions Testing Program

The Dedham service center is fully equipped and authorized to conduct state inspections in compliance with Massachusetts state guidelines. These inspections are conducted meticulously, and detailed vehicle inspection reports are provided to facilitate the issuance of vehicle fitness certificates. Additionally, the auto center operates an emission testing program to ensure vehicle emissions are within control limits. The center is authorized to issue vehicle pollution certificates required by various Environmental Protection Agencies across the USA. To schedule an appointment to avail of the aforementioned services, please call (781) 326-1420.

Contact Support for Dedham Customer Service Center

Call at (781) 326-1420 to connect directly with customer service team.
Send all queries and questions via email at
The auto repair center is located at "106 Washington Street, Dedham, MA 02026"
Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday Closed.

My Garage Online Service by Dedham Service Center

The Dedham service center runs an online service known as "My Garage." This service provides customers with various amenities. Registered members have access to the following facilities:
  1. Money saving discounts & special offers
  2. Access to vehicle information
  3. Automatic service & recall notices
  4. After Hours Vehicle Drop Off
  5. Free Shuttle Service

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Services by Dedham Service Centers

The Dedham service center utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide servicing for auto heating and air conditioning systems. This servicing involves visual inspections and performance testing of the AC and heating systems. The auto service center offers repair, component replacement, and cleaning services for vehicle AC and heating systems. The primary services provided include the following amenities:
  • Interior controls and blower services
  • Radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat servicing
  • Replacement of A/C compressor belt for condition and tension
  • Services for AC Leaks or other damage
  • Pressure test engine cooling system
  • A/C system pressures are measured
  • A/C system leak tested
  • Heater and A/C performance ARE tested by checking the outlet air temperature

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