Eden Area Multi Service Center

24100 Amador St 3rd Floor, Hayward, CA 94544, USA
+1 510-670-5700
The Eden Area Multi-Service Center (also known as the Eden Area Community Center) is a community-based organization located in the unincorporated area of Hayward, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eden Area Multi-Service Center provides a wide range of services to low-income families, youth, seniors, and individuals with disabilities in the surrounding communities. The center offers programs and services such as job training, health and wellness programs, child care services, senior services, educational programs, and assistance with basic needs such as food, housing, and emergency services. Eden Area Multi-Service Center also provides community outreach and engagement activities, such as community events, volunteer opportunities, and other resources to help build and strengthen the local community.

Scheels Eden Prairie Phone Number

+1 952-826-0067

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104 Pine St, Eden, WI 53019, United States of America
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Eden Prairie Community Center

16700 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55346, United States
+1 952-949-8470


4039 US-191, Farson, WY 82932, United States of America

Handyman Services Eden Prairie MN

10520 Buckingham Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55347, United States of America
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