Region 4 Education Service Center

7200 Northwest Dr, Houston, TX 77092, United States
+1 713-462-7708
Education Service Center Region 4 offers comprehensive solutions and services to schools, catering to both students and educators. This encompasses skill enhancement courses, training programs, and various certifications and employment opportunities.

Region 4 Behavior Support
The center delivers Behavior Support education for teachers and non-teaching staff through coaching, instructional resources, and workshops.

Region 4 Accountability and Leadership Solutions

713.744.6821 or via email at
These services are extended to schools and campuses within the district, providing information, support, products, and professional development courses in various segments, including Accountability Supports, Homeless Education Program, counseling and Guidance Supports, school improvements, Foster Care, and more.

Region 4 Advanced Academics Service
This program caters to teachers and staff working with advanced and/or gifted and talented students.

Region 4 Child Nutrition Support

Contact the Child Nutrition service department at 713.744.8162. The Child nutrition program includes training focused on overall technical aspects and training in the Child and Adult Food Care Program, School and Summer Nutrition programs.

Region 4 Bilingual/ESL/Title III

This certification program covers Bilingual Supplemental or ESL Supplemental teaching courses.

Region 4 Charter Schools

713.744.6338 or email at
This entails comprehensive services related to Charter Schools, including Accelerated Interdisciplinary Intermediate Academy, Aristoi Classical Academy, etc.

Education Service Center Region 4 Near Me

Region 4 Education Service Center

7145 West Tidwell Road, Houston, Texas, 77092-2096
+1 713-462-7708
Monday to Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

McKinney Conference Center

7200 Northwest 100 Drive, Houston, Texas, 77092

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What Is Registration Services By Education Service Center Region 4?

Register services are provided for Professional development and support is offered in regard with Login assistance, Account Deactivation, New User Account support, certificates, etc.

Education Service Center Region 4 Digital Learning

Director, Publishing and Digital Learning

Instructional Designer


Education Specialist

DMAC -Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum

The software tool is designed for schools and campuses to increase the quality of education on technology front by providing training to the educators in regard with entire software components, etc. Ask general questions about the same at or

Education Service Center Region 4 Human Resources

Director, Human Resources


Human Resources Assistant


Human Resources Coordinator


Education Service Center Region 4 Online Learning 4 Students

713.744.6819 or either by email at

This course module is designed for the students to improve online learning capabilities by means of various web-based programs.

Education Service Center Region 4 Career & Technical Education

Consultation related to the Career & Technical Education courses, certificates, and programs contact center to avail information at:

Director, Accountability and Leadership Solutions


Education Specialist


Education Service Center Region 4 Dyslexia

This includes providing training to the staff to handle the Dyslexia disordered students. Aspirants can write to

What is Education Service Center Region 4 Print Center?

The Print Center offers individuals the flexibility to order document printing online based on their specific needs. This can be done through the online ordering system by creating an account at

Education Service Center Region 4 School Health Services

346-381-0055 or email to
The program is tailored to provide Virtual Vision and Hearing Re-Certification Training for teachers and other staff. Various training modules include Diabetes Care at School, health services training classes, etc.

Education Service Center Region 4 Special Education Service

The center offers information and training on a wide range of special education areas, encompassing Accommodations/Modifications, Digital Dialogue Blog, Region 4 Capacity-Building Projects, Early Childhood, Adapted Physical Education, Speech-Language Pathology, and more.

Director, Special Education Solutions


Senior Education Specialists


Assistive Technology


Behavior, Social, Emotional


Early Childhood Special Education


Inclusive Practices


Low Incidence Disabilities


Regional Day School Program for The Deaf


Student Evaluation/Speech


Special Education Liaisons


Education Service Center Region 4 PEIMS Services

713.744.4400 option 3
Within this program, the service center provides direct support and assistance to school districts and charter schools in accordance with the standards set by the Texas Education Agency. The training offered is specifically focused on PEIMS data collection requirements and technical assistance.

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